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Sidera is a new platform created for consumerization of cryptocurrency that enables users in retail Point OD Sale (POS) to use smartwatch and smartband contactless. Sidera is the first blockchain technology to use the first wearable device that has been decentralized.

Sidera will provide an incentive network for participants through free hardware providers for retail stores in European geography for starters. Users will be given incentives to participate in the sidera network through ease and accessibility of use, convenience of payment with mobile devices and simplicity of smartwatch.

The sidera platform helps generate demand for new and old cryptocurrency and large and small cryptocurrency. No other online cryptocurrency exchange can bring new cryptocurrency users from this segment in the same amount. We focus on withdrawing the consumer market.

Advanced Features and Unique Wearable Device (DWD) Sidera

Global Measured and Completely Decentralized – BitSmart is a hardware wallet that can be used on your wrist and has been completely de – neutralized and guaranteed by blockchain.

A Wide Range of Extra Features – Provided with a variety of complete features such as automatic address transaction detection, cellular Notification, customizing watches as you wish, ghost mode, price alerts, QR Barcode generators, trades and much more. This Wearable device has also used BitSmart intelligent software that will provide the latest news, news, news and can trade using this smart watch device or wearable device. In the near future this device will be added to the security of 2FA authentication for third parties. BitSmart software will be released OPEN SOURCE which can be developed by the community to add new features that are desired.

Offline Transaction by bringing the wrist closer – This Weareble device has a sendor proximity that will allow the smartwatch to interact with other BitSmart devices using a Bluetooth or Wifi connection with a certain distance. This feature will make it very easy for users to make transactions by simply bringing the wrist between the sender and the recipient. You can perform OFF-CHAIN ​​cryptocurrency transactions in a completely decentralized way even without other third party applications.

Payment POS Using NFC Internal Module – This device has been equipped with an internal NFC module that allows you to process POS payments very quickly. The NFC system is embedded more sophisticated than NFC today. You can shop at the store using NFC very easily and quickly.

Detect A Transaction Address Automatically – BitSmart Device Users Smartwatch can send bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in a more revolutionary way, which will automatically detect transaction addresses. If you get notifications about bitcoin or other cryptocurrency addresses, it will be detected automatically and then you are given the option to close the transaction notification or send funds to a specific address.

Entropy Generation with Your Hand Movement – BitSmart devices can generate entropy for your wallet just by moving your hand. This feature is developed by utilizing a built-in Accelerometer sensor.

Bitcoin or ERC20 wallet – Your funds can be saved on the OFF-CHAIN ​​wallet on Wearable devices on your wrist. Using militant level multi-layer encryption security that cannot be broken.

Wearable Device Security Level (DWD)

Unique Identification System – a passphrase or encryption key is encrypted using a unique identification method that is generated from the user’s arm movements, kilit arms, sweat and other elements that are unique to each person. This smartwatch is equipped with sensors that will receive and decode this body then the sensor will give access to your hardware wallet.

Ghost Mode – Ultra security that is applied using a special mode, Ghost Mode. With this mode your wallet will not be detected by other devices. Ghost Mode will also change the clock mode to normal normal hours so it won’t look like a cryptocurrency wallet. Security is key to military level encryption.

Safe Anti-theft System – This system will provide high security by using a private key stored in the device’s sandbox. This super-safe partition will be encrypted by military level AES-2048 which cannot be penetrated by anyone, so it is safe from theft. BankSmart Smartwatch becomes a separate device and the companion application does not store your private key. Only you can have a private key written in 12 random words to access your funds. You must keep it in a safe place because it cannot be recovered.

 The First Decentralized Wearable Exchange

Continuum is the first exchange that can be used at hand and has been decentralized. You can trade directly from your wrist and are not related and dependent on central authority.

The Proof-of-Load – The POL protocol will occur continuously to check the state of the node network, then delegate to the level of the smart micro-node in several operations that are suitable for lighting the blockchain immediately.

Balancing – The sidebar platform provides network balancing, validates transactions, accepts networks and delegates computational surpluses to sub-level micro-nodes

Intersect – The Sidera blockchain platform adopts the Intersect principle where DAPPS cryptographic and transaction functions work together and do not overload the network.

 Say Hello for .bitcoin .btc and .blockchain domain extensions

We ordered a portion of crowdfundung to analyze applications on all three .bitcoin .btc and .blockchain domain extensions. we believe that the crypto community is now part of the family since the beginning of bitcoin. We have the opportunity to give back something valuable in the community, gifts that give bitcoin and blockchain public resonance that they deserve so far.


The target of $ 15,000,000 USD

51,000,000 from EQUOS Token ERC20
1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

Sidera, if there is a problem with access to the platform that cannot be held responsible, or a large delay imposed, the right to extend the distribution phase up to 15 days to guarantee participation of contributors.

SOFT CAP : $ 1,500,000 USD
(if soft-cap will not be reached during the Pre-Distribution and Distribution, will be refunded)

HARD CAP: $ 15 million USD
(after a hard-cap is reached, the donation will be terminated)


1% of the funds collected will be donated to a charity organization.

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