Just look around where you live, you will discover that even children nowadays own smart phones. This is to say that the use of smart devices has gained impressive growth over time on a global scale. Even in the remotest villages, people are using smart phones. Ironically less than half of the smart users have access to internet. It therefore means that the maximum satisfaction derived from the phone use is enjoyed by these people because of high cost of data and connectivity.

According to the white paper, Latin American populations depend on the pre-paid access to airtime and data and that makes them have limited access to network. Brazil also has the same challenge of cost of top-ups. Globally speaking, the GSMA estimates that about 73% of mobile phones are pre-paid. If one has a smart phone but cannot use it to access the internet, it is as good as not having one at all. Because of these mentioned challenges in the internet accessibility, especially to those in the remote hinterland, Siglo is warming up to take the bull by the horns. The team comprising of Joel Philips and Isaac Philips as the co-founders and host of others in the advisory board are coming up with a platform in which smart app will be built on Siglo protocol to enable their customers earn airtime top-ups whether they are on transit, at home or at work, which will allow them to connect to networks.

The first Siglo application in use is It has about 1.2 million users in Mexico and is not stagnant! It is providing solutions to brands by connecting new users while helping people in these markets to gain access to internet.

In a bid to expand their tentacles in providing free top-ups for their users, Siglo will be launching and creating the token that can connect providers and brands which will directly reward consumers with connection in exchange for engagement. Also, Siglo has proposed to create decentralized network to increase access to basic financial services such as transfers, access to credit and the ability to invest and save. The uniqueness of Siglo is traceable to the fact that loyalty and significant participation has been established meanwhile it has begun in earnest. The popularity is achieved through the activities of which is the parent company. has over 1.2 million users in Latin America as stated earlier in this work. Building on this foundational architectural platform ( of Siglo, it is opened to other developers and stakeholders of financial and digital inclusion.

Siglo is also aiming to tackle the problem of balancing the volatility of a free-floating token with the need for a user-friendly currency in the markets where the cost of advertisement and cost of mobile is varying between markets. They plan to address this by data connectivity or reward coin and developing limited Siglo token that can be transferred between participants in the platform. The wallets for the participants are established by smart contract.

The ICO date will be announced in due time on their website. However, a TGE has taken place and this has ushered in the tokens already. It was arranged as a private pre-sale of tokens for accredited investors. A total of 8,000,000,000 (8 billion) tokens were created.

The token allocation will be as follows: 36% to eligible investors during token generation event, 30% future release: upon milestones of network expansion, 15% Siglo team and advisors, and 19% will be reserved

Please keep updated on latest information about Siglo platform via the link above or their website, You can also read more details on the whitepaper,





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