What actually gave rise to the concept of Siglo platform is because of the high costs and limited access to the historic computer to the electricity grid stable and also most developing countries too late to accept the PC. With this great new concept, users can access the Internet with their Smartphone, not personal computers. The use of mobile phones to access the site is expanding every day. According to current records, many people still use ready-to-use connections. The good news is that Siglo is here to provide many responses for prepaid connections to clients in the development of the business sector by removing the obstacles preventing them from participating in the digital economy, because of the high level of costs of Smartphones and limited access to digital devices.


Siglo is a reorganized platform based on financial integration and digital decentralized Blockchains that enable TOPTIME users of broadcast time while on the move, anytime, at home, anywhere in the world. Siglo is the future of mobile transactions and connectivity in high growth markets, where increased access to networks is paid by brand sponsors. Siglo is a catalyst for digital and financial integration that gives users the ability to connect better than before.

Siglo platform works to support the integration of computers and budgets in emerging markets by using mobile client applications that use the property to increase value and business to extend mobile access for different products and companies. Clients collect this motivation to share their reflections and when they choose to pick information or ideas and trade them for mobile connectivity in the form of air-time top mobile manager.


This Siglo platform offers an easily customizable response to customer interactions on some of the fastest growing markets in the planet. Parts of the Transaction’s major  Benefits from a record that does not change and can be revised in Blockchain Ethereal, including the exchange of brands, Exchange Clients, and Exchange Client to the Client. With tokenizing access to mobile replenishment. The Siglo Network gives unauthorized clients greater access to the network by providing decentralized cellular networks. The first Siglo application is, which has been installed by 1.2 million users in Mexico and Colombia.


Siglo Concept is in partnership  with Fortune,  Forbes, El Tiempo, CNN,  Reforma, El Universal and Entrepreneurs for media activities. Going forward, they will negotiate with all traders in their trade to create a growing mobile connectivity market.


Siglo Token is the first token that enables service providers to reward consumers directly via their mobile connectivity as a replacement for services. Siglo Token based on Ethereal. It is an ERC-20 compatible token. Value Token Units can be exchanged between Siglo Apps and the Green Siglo is a highly talented Gibraltar organization with fourteen full-time employees from six countries. This management team consists of qualified and experienced IT, legal, financial, online communications and marketing specialists will offer and oversee the tokens and their work on advancing and growing platforms. The Token means that it will be possible to exchange it for the coin of the additional charge each user’s information about the Siglo platform will be stored in Blockchain through an intelligent contract that allows users to create a unique identity, set personal information on online transactions including “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and anti-money laundering information. Tokens can be exchanged with branding through a smart contract between individual brands and where fiat or exchange with Siglo coins and issued for users as they are interconnected and share back with the tag. We look forward to the initial launch of the platform coin.


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