Significant Examples of Blockchain Benefits to Prevent Artwork from Forger

Paintings and assets are always at the verge of getting stolen or being forged out of the secure facility. Blockchain saves and secures your artwork with multiple sensors so in case any of them is triggered in case of painting theft or else, the alarms go off. Thus, the security teams are notified, and they can take immediate action to do their best to prevent theft. Blockchain is one of the most effective methods for preventing crimes from occurring. ArtChain provides state of the art facility with multiple sensors for the security system and is internationally tested. The sensors include the following:

· GPS Tracking

· Touch and Pressure on the Canvas

· Movement Sensor/ Removal of Painting from wall

· Change in Temperature

Following are some of the examples of popular artwork forgeries that might not have taken place if there had been a blockchain system there and then.

Multiple Forgeries of Artworks by Jean-Baptiste
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot was one of the most popular and well-known portrait painters of French origin. His greatest artworks were, unfortunately, all forged under the same patterns. This was one of the saddest incidents and forgery in the art industry. According to Times Magazine in the 1990s, the total amount of artworks painted by Baptiste equal to 8000 among which half of these are found in the US.

The Great Art Robbery by Derren Brown
The famous illusionist Derren Brown was caught in the forgery where he professionally trained four individuals to forge a popular painting from the famous, London Art Gallery. This was a show called The Great Art Robbery where Brown bets art collector Massow of the painting whether it will be stolen or not. And to everyone’s surprise, the painting was stolen from the London Art Gallery Exhibition in front of the public, all because of the help of illusion stole not one, but two valuable paintings from the art gallery. You can pretty much relate the scenario with the movie ‘Now You See Me’, where illusionists end up robbing the bank, instead of the paintings which are the case here.

Benefits of Opting for ArtChain
Both the forgeries mentioned above are proof that in the absence of a state-of-the-art security system, there are only a few chances of saving artworks. Most of these can be protected easily by Blockchain offered by Artchain which has the platform to utilize different artificial intelligence for artwork analysis, information and safety. Other than prevention of theft and forgeries, ArtChain offers:

· Special reward for the artists who utilize the system and upload their artwork.

· Copyright protection and safety of Intellectual Property

· Track Royalties

· Connect new artists to the international audience through the platform

All artworks are zoomed in to individual pixels on registration, so in case of any problems, the original artwork can be consulted from the image, and any fake replacements will also be detected. The GPS systems help in tracking the artwork even after the thieves have left so that there are still chances to save it.


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