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Speaking of blockchain technology, there is a company that read opportunities as well as create a new breakthrough by utilizing the blockchain technology, namely Simply Vital Health. They offer a health platform that enables sharing of health data, funding flows and others that are closely related to health services for the community. Can not be denied that the cost of health in America is very high because of the factors – factors above the sale value of Simply Vital Health is very using a very traditional system and cost a lot. That’s why the cost of healthcare in America is very expensive and will not be able to cover the healthcare needs of the lower middle-class society.

Simply put it this way. Simply Vital Health is aware of the high cost of healthcare in America, and they analyze the causes of the overpriced. Once they have found the root of the problem, they are looking for ways that the costs incurred by all stakeholders of health care providers can be reduced but their income and profits may even increase. The trick is to save any data communication costs including financial transaction costs by using blockchain technology. They create an integrated health platform with a bockchain system and inside it is very complete such as health data, medical history of a person, then payment and so forth. This will greatly save money and make it easy for anyone, whether it is a healthcare provider, the community as consumers, health insurance, pharmacies, and others.

This is really a breakthrough that must be supported and will greatly help the need for cheap, fast, precise and efficient health services. From an economic point of view, this will be an added value and its value will continue to rise given that health and health services are a mandatory requirement for all of us that we can not avoid.

Create investors – investors do not misjudge. This project I’m sure will be a big success and invest in this project will not be disappointed, because this project is very perfect really.
Okay, talking about new projects, cryptocurrency and friends – friends is definitely one thing that is worth the economic and investment of ICO. What about the ICO program created by Simply Vital Health ?? Listen carefully and prepare a large fund so as not to regret it later.


Most of the healthcare plans existing in the US are based on FFS (Fee For Service). The health care providers are reimbursed or paid for every procedure they do on the patients. FFS or non-PPO plan gives more importance to the volume of procedures done rather than the benefits it will give to the patients. FFS based plan will increase the overall cost of healthcare in the long run. It may also mislead the healthcare providers to suggest relevant or unnecessary procedures to the patients for increasing their income. How to address this concern?

Value-Based Care (VBC) provides a better alternative which gives more priority to patient’s health because it rewards the providers based on the quality of care provided to the patients. VBC based programs will reduce the cost of healthcare as well as provide a good quality care for the individuals.

It is an innovative concept that completely reforms the existing healthcare system in the USA.

SimplyHealth’s Health Nexus is a VBC program that will be developed using the blockchain technology. To gain access to this system, the users need to buy the tokens named “HLTH” that will be issued by the company during their token sale starting in October 2017. The token holders will have access to data storage, smart contracts, marketplace and more. To learn more about the registration procedure for the token sale, please visit

Let us discuss some of the benefits of Health Nexus Below:

  • Tracking Pharmacy Transactions – As the healthcare records in the US are not accessible to patients, it is very difficult to track their purchases in the pharmacies also. If you relocate to another state, your prescriptions will be invalid even though a nationwide PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) is available. Health Nexus helps you to keep track of the prescriptions even if you relocate to another state or country as that information is securely stored in the blockchain network.
  • Data Sharing and Access – Getting your medical records will no more be a tedious job as it establishes a platform for communication between providers, insurance companies, and patients. Health Nexus will improve the level of transparency between providers and patients so that the patients will receive a better care from the physicians. Patients will have the option to sell their health data to providers or healthcare networks and get some rewards for that. This concept will help to reduce the overall cost of the healthcare industry as it currently spends more than $10 million dollars to purchase this kind of data. To learn more about the concept of data sharing in Health Nexus, please visit
  • Bundled payments – Health Nexus will use the concept of Bundled Payments which pays the healthcare provider based on the defined single episode of care. It will reduce the overall cost when compared with FFS plan where the provider is reimbursed for each procedure or service.

Pre-sale they have ended on October 28, 2017. That means only the remaining ICO that began from 31 October 2017. So, let’s make the investors to be docked, investing funds do not get to invest this one project.

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