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Simply Vital Health offers wellbeing stage that empowers sharing of wellbeing information, subsidizing streams and others that are firmly identified with wellbeing administrations for the group. Can not be precluded that the cost from securing wellbeing in America is high a result of the components – factors over the deal estimation of Simply Vital Health is exceptionally utilizing an extremely customary framework and cost a considerable measure. That is the reason the cost of human services in America is extremely costly and won’t have the capacity to cover the medicinal services needs of the lower white collar class society.

Basically put it along these lines. Simply Vital Health knows about the high cost of social insurance in America, and they investigate the reasons for the overrated. When they have discovered the foundation of the issue, they are searching for ways that the expenses brought about by all partners of medicinal services suppliers can be decreased yet their pay and benefits may even increment. Try to spare any information correspondence costs including money related exchange costs by utilizing blockchain innovation. They make a coordinated wellbeing stage with a bockchain framework and inside it is extremely entire, for example, wellbeing information, restorative history of a man, at that point installment et cetera. This will extraordinarily spare cash and make it simple for anybody, regardless of whether it is a medicinal services supplier, the group as shoppers, medical coverage, drug stores, and others.

This is extremely a leap forward that must be bolstered and will extraordinarily enable the requirement for shabby, to quick, exact and effective wellbeing administrations. From a monetary perspective, this will be an additional esteem and its esteem will keep on rising given that wellbeing and wellbeing administrations are a compulsory prerequisite for every one of us that we can not maintain a strategic distance from.

Make financial specialists – speculators don’t misconstrue. This task I’m certain will be a major achievement and put resources into this undertaking won’t be frustrated, in light of the fact that this venture is exceptionally flawless truly.

Approve, discussing new activities, cryptographic money and companions – companions is unquestionably one thing that is justified regardless of the monetary and speculation of ICO. Shouldn’t something be said about the ICO program made by Simply Vital Health ?? Listen precisely and set up a vast reserve so as not to think twice about it later.

FFS versus VBC

The majority of the human services designs existing in the US depend on FFS (Fee For Service). The social insurance suppliers are repaid or paid for each strategy they do on the patients. FFS or non-PPO design gives more significance to the volume of strategies done instead of the advantages it will provide for the patients. FFS based arrangement will expand the general cost of social insurance over the long haul. It might likewise deceive the social insurance suppliers to propose important or superfluous strategies to the patients for expanding their pay. How to address this worry?

VBC gives a superior elective which gives greater need to patient’s wellbeing since it compensates the suppliers in light of the nature of care gave to the patients. VBC based projects will lessen the cost of medicinal services and in addition give a decent quality care to the people.

It is an inventive idea that totally changes the current medicinal services framework in the USA.

SimplyHealth’s Health Nexus is a VBC program that will be created utilizing the blockchain innovation. To access this framework, the clients need to purchase the tokens named “HLTH” that will be issued by the organization amid their token deal beginning in October 2017. The token holders will approach information stockpiling, keen contracts, commercial center and the sky is the limit from there. To take in more about the enrollment system for the token deal, please visit

Give us a chance to talk about a portion of the advantages of Health Nexus Below:

Following Pharmacy Transactions – As the medicinal services records in the US are not open to patients, it is exceptionally hard to track their buys in the drug stores moreover. In the event that you migrate to another express, your medicines will be invalid despite the fact that an across the country PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) is accessible. Wellbeing Nexus causes you to monitor the medicines regardless of whether you move to another state or nation as that data is safely put away in the blockchain arrange.

Information Sharing and Access – Getting your restorative records will no more be a monotonous activity as it sets up a stage for correspondence between suppliers, insurance agencies, and patients. Wellbeing Nexus will enhance the level of straightforwardness amongst suppliers and patients with the goal that the patients will get a superior care from the doctors. Patients will have the choice to pitch their wellbeing information to suppliers or medicinal services arranges and get a few prizes for that. This idea will decrease the general cost of the medicinal services industry as it as of now spends more than $10 million dollars to buy this sort of information. To take in more about the idea of information partaking in Health Nexus, please visit

Packaged installments – Health Nexus will utilize the idea of Bundled Payments which pays the human services supplier in light of the characterized single scene of care. It will diminish the general cost when contrasted and FFS arrange for where the supplier is repaid for every system or administration.

We will probably change Value Based Care utilizing blockchain innovation. Our framework will give a flourishing environment to making a human services commercial center and the open door for sharing of social insurance information, with the objective of decreasing the rubbing around and to expand the monetary upside for suppliers taking part in compelling coordination. This commercial center can incorporate applications for each bit of the care continuum, for example, social insurance offices, protection offices, pharmaceutical organizations, and research establishments. Due to the availability of the commercial center, applications can be composed for neighborhood scale or internationally.

How can it function?

Blockchain Protocol

Social insurance suppliers require a convention that is completely consistent and very adaptable. Connections amongst patients and care suppliers are encoded into keen contracts. In light of patient occasions contracts will self-execute and related social insurance associations will be refreshed. Our convention is Ethereum based, includes consortium administration, and uses evidence of-stake accord.

Secure Data Storage

The most imperative piece of our framework is the uprightness and security of the medicinal services information. Information is scrambled and put away in a Storj-based circulated hash table. All entrance to this information is overseen and recorded on the blockchain making a changeless, decentralized, completely auditable record giving assurance from control and misrepresentation.

Engineer Focus

To drive selection of Health Nexus, designer devices will be uninhibitedly accessible and opensource enabling group individuals to construct and send dispersed applications. Engineers will have the capacity to make profitable answers for drug stores, medicinal services suppliers, back up plans, clinical scientists or patients making numerous income openings.

Wellbeing Cash

The value-based money of Health Nexus is wellbeing money. Wellbeing money is utilized to execute shrewd contracts, compose information to the blockchain, or to enter brilliant contract-based business assentions. Our Ethereum token (HLTH) gives early access to wellbeing money as a deliberately transmutable token that can be traded one-for-one with wellbeing money once Health Nexus is discharged monetarily.


Pre-sale they have ended on October 28, 2017. That means only the remaining ICO that began from 31 October 2017. So, let’s make the investors to be docked, investing funds do not get to invest this one project.

Token info

Token: HLTH

Platform: Ethereum

Tokens for sale: 200,000,000

Min. investment: 35 ETH

Accepting: ETH

Equity on offer: 60%

Hard cap: 40.000.000 USD


Katherine Kuzmeskas – Co-founder & CEO

Lucas Hendren – Co-founder & CTO

Jake Dreier, MBA – Director & Growth & Operations

David Akers – Senior Advanced Blockchain Engineer

David Korn, MPA, FACHE – Business Development Strategist

Kenny Winn, MHA – Business Development Strategist

Lori Dollard – Business Development Strategist

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