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Today, the world is effectively creating the digital money as well as the blockchain, innovation permits the formation of decentralized assets in different fields. These stages are as sheltered as conceivable as well as powerful, they are described by a straightforward structure and insurance against fake assaults. On the off chance that we think about electronic business, the unrest has been proposed here for quite a while. The designers of Simplybrand are sure that their task can change the equalization of intensity in the fragment of trade through the Internet.


SimplyBrand plans to build up a stage with an implicit man-made brainpower model and programmed learning innovation to distinguish fakes. Members will be urged from different sources to help check the non-recognizable components all through the procedure. The data of the forgers will be distributed in the chain of squares, which is changeless and absolutely open for all to peruse. Furthermore, two primary capacities will be propelled en route and will result in more gatherings joining the stage to finish the objective of transforming the stage into a biological system of self-administration. By consolidating these bleeding edge advances and furthermore plan components to oversee the stage independent from anyone else, our answer could take care of this issue on a bigger scale and with high effectiveness.


Lately, innovation and the Internet have encountered quick advancement. Everything should be possible online through devices from our grip, as occurred in the web based business industry. At the present time, we can get to anything we desire from any piece of the world with a great many decisions without investing time and vitality visiting a store. This is surely extremely advantageous for clients yet additionally brings new issues.

The expanding prominence of web based business from year to year has constrained numerous shopping centers in a few nations to bring in light of the fact that their deals to a close have dropped essentially. Moreover, internet business additionally gives a hole to offenders to act. For instance, numerous clients grumble about getting products that don’t coordinate what is offered and in the most pessimistic scenario, clients get non-unique merchandise or fake products. This not just damages clients and brands on the financial side yet in addition can jeopardize client wellbeing. Envision if clients purchase and utilize fake merchandise, for example, hardware, nourishment, makeup, or medications? This can influence the wellbeing of clients and even kill clients.

This is just the same old thing new and everybody knows about this. To defeat this, the administration and brands have made strides, for example, checking, detailing and stamping frameworks, however these means are not suitable and spend a great deal of cash on brands that can build item costs. Thus, internet business presently requires an irritating and inventive answer for kill fake merchandise.


simplyBrand is an Ethereum blockchain based venture that plans to give trust and dispense with client questions by giving inventive arrangements and arrangements that meddle with killing fake merchandise. To accomplish this, simplyBrand will consolidate blockchain innovation to distribute ageless data about phony retailers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to characterize counterfeit items and non-counterfeit items prepared by information researchers and SMEs with preparing datasets, and publicly supported members to help AI in picture acknowledgment and dimension of exactness.

System simplyBrand

Wager Mechanism

The wagering framework is a vital piece of the stage. One of the motivations behind wagering is to access the stage and the other is to counteract stage misuse.

Authorizations: Requires all members in the gathering (aside from boycotted clients) to take an interest in or take an interest in the Forum. Counteracting Abuse: When a group utilizes the discussion and takes forging measures, the components for anticipating misuse are imperative for the gathering to stay stable. At the point when a client manhandles their conduct against the stage, their offers are deducted as a notice. In the event that their offers are insufficient, their entrance rights will be suspended until the wagering demand is finished.

Group examination instrument

At whatever point clients take an interest in hostile to falsifying, they get a lot of item data. The item bundle is haphazardly appropriated among various clients, which implies that two unique clients can never again get similar items. This structure keeps a circumstance where two people are less watching a similar item gathering, prompting wrong outcomes. Notwithstanding the irregular dissemination of item data, every item will in any case get the vital measure of checks from expansive people.

The measure of affirmation required additionally increments with the diverse phases of the stage. In the exhibition period of the stage, we require increasingly more contribution from the majority to prepare our Al demonstrate. In this way, 20 members can check each fake item and the outcome is viewed as the right answer just if over 75% of the members achieved a concession to the result.

The counter maltreatment system in this area is that if the member’s substantial confirmation ask for achieves 10 sets and the exactness level is under 70%, the got ID isn’t seized yet the activity They are viewed as a “fizzled occupation.” This component is depicted in more detail in Section 4.3.4 Investment Mechanism.

There are two reports. Clients can answer to the stage when they get fake items from an online store subsequent to putting in a request. Another approach to report is when clients see an online store moving fake merchandise. Clients can get tokens after the proclaimed things have been affirmed as elite fake items.

SimplyBrand presents a stake framework, where clients must hazard various tokens to probably take an interest in the simplyBrand stage. At first, the rating of every client is 80 with a greatest estimation of 100. Each action that will effectively include client focuses and unsuccessful exercises will lessen client focuses. In the event that a client has a rating underneath 75, the client’s record will be suspended and inside seven days the rating will be come back to 80. In the event that the client’s record is suspended for multiple times, the client will be for all time prohibited and all tokens in question will be lost.

This framework is actualized to keep up stage security and avert maltreatment of all exercises on the stage. At the point when a client makes an unpleasant move, the stakes will be diminished and if the stakes are deficient, their rights will be suspended until the stake necessities are met once more.

Token Details

Simbol Token: SBA

Jenis token: ERC-20

Total token: token

1 ETH = 4,000 SBA

Soft cap: 4,000 ETH

Hard cap: 40.000 ETH

Presale date: 10 Jan – 23 March



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