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SimplyBrand launched their special ICO on the sixteenth of October, where they will release a native SBA symbol. This kind of altcoins will be used to provide electricity to SimplyBrand activities thanks to the benefits for the participants of the system. Right now, SimplyBrand includes a target amount of $ 20 million and plans to use all the profits generated during the project.

SimplyBrand aims to install a platform with a built-in artificial intelligence model and machine learning technology to detect counterfeits. Participants from crowdsourcing are motivated to help in substantiating unrecognizable things throughout the method. then the knowledge of counterfeiters can be printed on the blockchain, which remains unchanged and available to all. in addition, the two main functions are performed within the facility and can result in multiple parties connecting the platform to achieve the goal of turning the platform into a self-managed scheme. By combining these latest technologies and jointly planning the mechanisms to manage the platform on our own, our response will be able to address this shortcoming on a larger scale and with higher efficiency.

SimplyBrand can provide an answer to this shortcoming by creating a platform with a built-in artificial intelligence model and machine learning technology to detect fakes. Participants from crowdsourcing are interested in substantiating unrecognizable things, while knowledge about counterfeiters is printed on a blockchain that is immutable and publicly available for scanning. In addition, two main functions are carried out with funds that can lead many parties to connect to the platform to achieve the platform’s goal of becoming a self-governing scheme. By combining these latest technologies with new platform management mechanisms, our response is ready to effectively address this shortcoming on an oversized scale.

AI technology and machine learning

Thanks to the simple AI technology and machine learning technology, our platform will effectively obtain new data and check information about counterfeit products, which will allow more effective fight against counterfeiting on the Internet.

Blockchain Technology

Using the immutable and distributed functions of blockchain technology, simplyBrand will publish a blacklist in the blockchain and effectively reduce the actions of counterfeit retailers, increasing the value of their business and creating new barriers for their further work.

Platform advantages simple brand

Simply Branded Platform presents a solution to the problem of endemic fake products that have flooded the e-Commerce world, creating a platform that will bring together block technology, artificial intelligence and participants working together. The benefits are detailed below.

Brands will use the Simply-Brand brand brand to use the brand’s security service, public participants will directly report counterfeit goods or any type of work done through AI to identify the authenticity of e-Commerce items. , as well as management companies will use access to the platform. The list of counterfeit products are revealed.



Brands will use the simplyBrand platform to request brand protection services.

Human Layer will report counterfeit products directly or work with AI to verify the authenticity of e-Commerce products. The human level will consist of crowdsourcing participants and third-party service providers who perform compliance work.

SimplyBrand platform will combine artificial intelligence, human ingenuity and blockchain technology, which will be used to create a permanent “black list” of counterfeit products.

SBA tokens in the blockchain will stimulate the human level to use the simplyBrand platform.

In an increasingly technological world, e-Commerce is becoming increasingly important. It also creates new opportunities for the distribution of counterfeiters. They exist everywhere and have penetrated the e-Commerce channel around the world, creating an unprecedented flow of counterfeit products.

Counterfeits are inferior and cause serious damage, so Simply-Brand introduces a new method of improving global e-Commerce that will benefit large brands for individual users.

Simple-Brand will combine block technology, artificial intelligence and human ingenuity, which will be used to create a permanent blacklist of fictitious sellers that can be seen around the world, while blocked items will seduce participants from the big world. publicly use simple-Brand.

Process flow 1


E-Commerce platforms will be constantly scanned for product data to create an ever-expanding database with millions of product profiles.\

Process flow 2


The data will be analyzed using AI, natural language processing, semantic analysis, image recognition technology and human level to verify whether the product is genuine or fake.

Process flow 3

law enforcement

Once a product is identified as counterfeit, a Third party will be able to access product information, remove offensive product pages and report the status of their work to the platform and receive their rewards.

How it works?

The simple-Brand resolution system is supported by five tools designed to optimize the entire system.

  • Break – down mechanism-break-down allows parties to” apply ” in the proposal, which means the ability to contribute to actions and receive detailed information about the platform. The bet also ensures that offensive measures next to the platform are evaded.

• To create reports about the crowd – this allows users to obtain tokens, reporting on fake providers when delivering or informing the online stores who sell fakes on the platform.

• Falsified inspection device crowd parties protect against counterfeiting, will have independent sets of products to confirm. The integrity of the crowd source verification procedure is ensured by the fact that each user receives a different set of items.

• The mechanism of the rating is to ensure that the reports are legitimate, the profile of each user is estimated using the baseline score. Fake reports to the system will lead to complex rating conclusions that can lead to account closure or suspension.

  • Blacklist update tool-the list is regularly checked and updated by the system to be up to date. All parties in the catalog can be checked in the black list after entering the assets into the system.

Simply put, these tools help to manage and make more effective what the Brand simply wants to achieve.

Technical partner

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