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About Six Network

Six network is a Decentralized Digital Asset Wallet, set up to offer the solutions looked by the Higher, Small and medium organizations in the Digital and innovative commercial centers. Six network is intended to decrease exchange costs, absence of budgetary liquidity, cross-platform trade troubles, and shamefulness of salary dissemination can be tackled with the 3-layer financial framework of

Following are the real issues looked by Digital and Creative Marketplaces and the Solutions Offered by the Six Network.

Unpredictability in Maintaining the Payments for the Contractors or the Part time content makers: There are parcel of organizations, who deals with the imaginative substance suppliers and Pay them in view of the Revenue they produce through Selling the substance.

The digital and imaginative commercial centers, including Digital Image, video Platforms, Custom format commercial centers, and organizations, who consider Generating substance from End clients have two-sided payment handling and the Transaction expenses, which are high and results in Slow activities.

Ex:, this site is for Digital Content, and it is where content designers can join as an accomplice and make graphical/vectors/psd documents and so forth and if any end client/organization buys the substance made by the Content Creator, the designer gets credited with focuses/proportionate (which will be apportioned by the Marketplace) and the focuses will be changed over and compensated as money in light of the Cashout Operational Terms of Freepic.While they settle the Cash in fiat with the substance Makers, the two gatherings borne high exchange charges by the Payment Gateway middle people.

Arrangement : Six network is expected to decrease the Complexity of payment procedure of the Creative Industry by presenting Smart Payroll System. Six’s Smart finance works with the Smart contracts and it will enable the organizations to make reasonable expenses for taking care of specific administrations from begin to end. Also, it will decrease the wastefulness of keeping up Micro Payrolls in these Industries. With a specific end goal to diminish the brought together, consistent payment circulation process in the Supply chain, Six’s Network examine and comprehend the complexities of overseeing miniaturized scale payments settling and the procedure and encourage a proficient payment structure.

Work today, get paid Later:

Nowadays, greater part of the higher profile organizations outsource their work procedure to the consultancies. These are the organizations who deal with the unpredictable procedure of work, for example, conveyance and nature of the work check by these organizations to increase the value of the administrations they offer. These are the significant organizations who are confronting the liquidity issues which are bringing about holding the payments to the specialists now and then, the entrepreneurs powers and deal them for Long credit payment periods. Larger part times, these organizations need to pay from their pockets to the specialists previously even they get settled by the principle association. This circumstance makes them hard to deal with their standard money streams.


Six Network is presenting Instant Pay, this works alongside the Smart Payroll Platform. In Instant Pay, Business proprietors are the key accomplices of, Borrowers who obtain as far as possible from the Content makers who encourage the organizations and the substance makers in Liquidity.

For ex: Let us think about as a future client of, Following is the utilization case with Instapay include. will be the Lender, content makers are the guarantee proprietors and who buys the substance will be a customer.

The business part employs a laborer with a credit time of “X” days Payment term.

This business will be done through a brilliant contract and the Content specialist can ask for an Instapay once the work finishes. will have 2 alternatives to settle the cash to the substance maker (1) they pay utilizing their inner income choices or (2) they can ask for to pay the laborers first and once they get payments from their customer/buyers, the specialist reimburses the specific sum back to

In the event that the substance makers utilize moment pay, charges an insignificant exchange charge than the conventional payment preparing platforms.


Numerous Industries, allot focuses in view of the Loyalty framework they made so as to hold their clients which can be recovered in a similar store for obtaining a few or the other or change over those focuses into fiat at a low trade cost by the Holders. Holder won’t have the capacity to utilize these focuses at times as it terminates and they don’t understand that those focuses are lapsed. Also, from the business side, it is even hard to track, Manage the unused and lapsed focuses for their bookkeeping forms.

Arrangement: Six network provides a SDK to the organizations, and it enables them to change over the virtual focuses to their own particular Digital tokens on Blockchain. Organizations can get to the platform and reward their clients with tokens, as it works with Smart contract, they can chop down the exchange charges. Holder, can aggregate focuses from any buys and those will be put away in wallet, and change over these focuses to money or exchange them.


SIX Wallet provides one place to store, associate, and commerce every single digital asset decentralizedly utilizing Smart contracts.

Store: Six.networks first wallet will make another approach to store digital assets. This will permit any blockchain based digital assets made from the Digital substance makers. The substance can be a music record, a Document content, it can be a film, Payroll, Loyalty and Reward Tokens.

Connect​: Using SIX Digital Asset Wallets permits to associate with each other. will give a p2p correspondence layer to clients and a decentralized chatbot APIs for organizations.

Commerce​: will give the most helpful type of decentralized commerce. Content creators can offer their works straightforwardly from their SIX Digital Asset Wallets.

Conclusion: Six network takes care of real issues like budgetary costs, Liquidity, Single Loyalty platform to change over all the aggregated focuses to fiat and a secured wallet to store the Digital substance, associate with each other and offer documents.

Token Details

Token: SIX

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 1,000,000,000 SIX

Price: 1 SIX = 0,1 USD

Payment: ETH

Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 42,905,579 USD

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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