SKARA is a new entertainment world, which includes the multi-user contests eSports p latform, narrative role-playing games (RPG) and mobile applications in a rich fantasy world, published in January 2018. We propose to introduce a chain-chain into the center of the SCAR Ecosystem, in order to decentralize the benefits of participation in both both in a random and in a competitive way.
Scar – the awarding universe
Scar is the first decentralized platform based on blockades, which includes video games, multiplayer games and much more. This is a unique project, because it is not just a gaming platform, but it is an environment in which gamers can make real money from digital assets. In 2018, Scar will release his rich fantasy world with a new series. The Skara ecosystem has an advanced blockchain technology that makes it environment easier, safer, more accessible and decentralized. Scar is the first who will overcome the barrier of isolation between digital assets and the real economy. Its ecosystem is based on crypto-currencies in the form of a marker based on ERC20 ethereum called SKARAT. Scarat is a token that can be used in the real market. Now you can earn, buy and sell digital assets in the real world, and this is too legal. Using SKARAT tokens, you will be able to bet in esports, purchases and much more on the Internet. Thus, Scar is the future of the online gambling industry.
SKARA goes far beyond a simple video game. SCAR is a rich world created by the creator Pablo Rodriguez is a world inhabited by completely different cultures that compete for the survival of a cosmic catastrophe. By combining cross-platform video games with novels and comics, Universa SKARA is fully committed to becoming a solid cultural contribution of the same magnitude as the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. SKARA – BLANDS BALANCES are for competitive eSports. It combines AAA level graphics, an intense sense of online multiplayer games with the soul of RPG.
The combination of high quality, fast-growing multiplayer action with a deep description, supported by the players, can not achieve.

Development of a roadmap

SKARAT overcome this barrier, creating a new crypto currency in the form of a marker ERC-20, based on the block block Ethereum, which can be traded on the open market.

Thanks to this new vehicle, members of the SKARAT community will be able to buy, sell and sell.
Distribution of tokens
We expect the release of no more than 20,000,000 SKARAT. When the sale of tokens is completed, more SKARA tokens will not be released. The icons will be distributed as follows:
9% of the tokens will be distributed among the co-founders and the team.
15% of tokens will be held by the company to finance future marketing activities.
3% will be used for the Bounty program, and the other
3% for consultants.
70% will be available to sellers of tokens.
Intended use of funds
50% of the proceeds will be used for R & D, including the realization of the chain-chain, the creation of our tournaments and the betting platform. We estimate this cost in the amount of 1 million euros to 5 million euros.
35% will be used for marketing for the development of our already existing community.
10% of revenue will be used for operations to continue developing the SKARA universe, adding a single player mode and application for mobile applications.
5% will be spent on administrative and legal expenses.
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