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The global phenomenon has received the attention of media and corporations, who increasingly benefit from involvement in the industry as sponsors, partners, owners and investors. However, few truly benefit from the economic gains associated with all of this activity-until now. Video games are everywhere. Not only are more people playing games than ever before, but more people are watching them and even winning money competing in them.

SKARA is a new entertainment universe that includes a multiplayer competitive eSports p latform, narrative role playing (RPG) games and mobile apps in a rich fantasy world described in a series of novels to be published January 2018. propose embedding blockchain at the heart of the SKARA ecosystem, in order to decentralize the benefits of participating in the games, both casually and competitively.

Imagine making real money while playing your favorite game. In SKARA, you can now do just that, legally. Video games have experimented with purely digital currencies and digital assets for years, often with great success. However, until the advent of blockchain technology, these economies existed in official isolation to the real economy. It is time to change this.
SKARA is one of the first games to overcome this barrier by creating a new cryptocurrency in the form of an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain called SKARAT (SKARA Token – SKT), which can be traded on the open market. Through this new vehicle, participants in the SKARA community will be able to buy, sell and trade in-game assets without having to go to shady black markets. Such environments often facilitate the creation of off-game black markets where game resources are being traded for real money between people farming assets and those who don’t want to spend the time doing so. Too often players are cheated out of money or hard won game assets opening up SKARA to these kind of transactions, players will benefit from the security of a controlled environment.

SKARA goes far beyond a simple video game. SKARA is a rich world thought up by creator Pablo Rodriguez—a world peopled by dramatically different cultures who compete to survive a cosmic disaster. By combining cross-platform video games with novels and comics, the SKARA Universe is fully intending to become a lasting cultural contribution of the same magnitude as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. SKARA – THE BLADE REMAINS is designed for competitive eSports. It combines AAA level graphics, the intense feel of online multiplayer games with the soul of an RPG.
The combination of high quality, fast paced multiplayer action with a deep narrative driven by the players involved serves to create an absorbing experience that our global community cannot get enough of.

Key game features:

  • Fast-paced combat with timing and accuracy focus: Each survivor has his own 3rd person combat style with a personalized set of close combat movements and skills to fight in frenetic skirmishes against other players.
  • Fighting synergies between team characters: In order to master the game you will need to learn the specificities of each culture’s combat style to take advantage of your survivor’s unique skills to play as a cohesive group of warriors, powered by each other’s strengths.
  • Quick multiplayer matches: You can choose different game modes ranging approximately from 3 to 10 minutes. You cannot hide in the arenas. You must kill your enemies before they kill you.

Traction – The Story so Far

SKARA the company was founded in 2012 after several years of pre-production on the SKARA Universe. In 2014, SKARA – The Blade Remains was selected to join the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program in London as one of only two video game companies receiving access to the Xbox One Developer Program. SKARA has received multiple international awards and global recognition in its Early Access stage.
A playable Alpha version of SKARA has been accessible on STEAM Early Access intermittently since early 2017 in order to allow the developers to collect feedback and improve the game experience. This has also helped grow the SKARA community to the size it is today.

Metrics (in Alpha)

As a community driven project, SKARA’s players have already demonstrated very high levels of engagement since inception and especially during time-limited events, continually breaking participation records with top players engaged in SKARA for more than 20 hours a day!


SKARA is helping players develop regional professional eSports leagues (Premier and Secondary Leagues) where player teams compete with each other for prize pools. The best eight teams in each region will compete regularly in playoffs and championships. In early 2017, players organized the first tournaments with amazing success. Four teams with twelve players participated, creating their own team logos and broadcasting the competition online.


As a competitive and exciting game with high production value, SKARA will attract a large number of spectators willing to bet on their favourite players and teams.
In order to promote fairness and transparency, SKARA will build its own betting platform in which results will automatically update in real time. This solution is more efficient than using betting sites that rely on manual inputs in order to provide results, which is usually time consuming and prone to human errors. By synchronizing game results automatically, people will be able to bet in real time allowing odds to reflect the specific situation of the game more accurately at any given time.

Development Roadmap

Market overview

Few industries are growing at the pace of the video games market as more people all over the world get access to computers and the internet. NewZoo’s Global Games Market Report shows that 2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017. This represents an increase of $7.8 billion, or 7.8%, from the year before. Digital game revenues will account for $94.4 billion or 87% of the global market. The PC and console game markets will generate $29.4 billion and $33.5 billion in 2017, respectively.

Real money’ trading overview

‘Real money’ trading has a long and fairly sordid history, and has been illegal, or strongly discouraged by most Western game developers, especially in Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), where real money trading is most common, since the games have virtual economies in which gold and other resources have real value.

Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2
These games contain a “cosmetic item market” (Workshop) where you can exchange your goods with another player for real dollars. This is all permitted, even encouraged, by Valve.
Second life
Second Life is a social RPG (a life simulator). It has a player-centric economy in which they can earn real money. Players can earn in-game currency – Linden Dollars (L$) by engaging in various activities in-game.
Entropia Universe
Entropia uses a micropayment business model, in which players may buy in-game currency (PED – Project Entropia Dollars) with real money that can be redeemed back into U.S. dollars at a fixed exchange rate of 10:1.
Diablo III
In July 2011 Blizzard announced that the Diablo III Auction House will have a real money aspect to it. The real money is only usable for item (and eventually character) sales for softcore (non-hardcore) characters, and it operates in tandem with the in-game gold trading auction house. Players may list items on either service.

Legal and compliance

Online betting is regulated in some shape or form in most countries, and SKARA will always operate within the legal frame established by those countries.
Most countries make a distinction between games of chance and games of skill, many also legislate differently on sport betting and games of cards such as poker. Some countries, like France, recognize eSports as a sport and have clear licensing rules and guidelines, others like the United Kingdom authorizes most forms of online betting within a simple regulatory environment; many countries in Asia simply authorize all forms of online gambling, whilst others forbid it.


SKARA will be playable for free. Players will be able to acquire different kinds of assets in SKARA using two different currencies, a soft currency called Shard (that you can earn by playing the game) and a premium currency called SKARAT (which you can acquire with FIAT money). The SKARAT (SKARA Token) is a unit of value that will be created to self-govern our ecosystem, and empower SKARA users to interact with other products, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all of our community and stakeholders.
In order to incentivise players to keep playing and spending money in SKARA, we need a large community of gamers engaged continually, this is only achievable with retention mechanics that will encourage participation. This is why the dual currency structure is important – the soft currency Shard rewards players who spend time in the game and helps keep them engaged.

Using tokens

SKARATs and valuable game items will be stored in a decentralized blockchain on the user’s dedicated Ether wallet. The game will allow the user to link his blockchain identity (wallet) to his account in SKARA.
Accounting for game assets through the blockchain allows the users to take the value of their game items outside of the SKARA universe. By having the freedom to buy, trade and sell items, Skara assets (including SKARATs) become even more collectible and valuable.

When a SKARAT enters the game, it gets parked in a SKARA – The Blade Remains Wallet, tied to a player’s account. When the reverse process takes place, the token is moved from SKARA – The Blade Remains Wallet to the new owner’s Ethereum wallet, and this SKARAT is no longer in the game. All such token transactions are stored on the blockchain. The SKARA – The Blade Remains game server has access only to those tokens that are held in the SKARA – The Blade Remains Wallet.

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