SKARA – The Combination Of Cross-Platform And Novel Video Games

The invention of the Internet completely revolutionized the market and brought many new ways of economic growth. The gaming industry has also turned the table. More and more people are now playing video games and online games. This global phenomenon is so touching that more and more organizations are investing in them as a partner or sponsor. Just conjure, if you can make money while playing. No, do not think about anything under the table or bootleg. Scar created such knowledge. Scar is the first legitimate decentralized platform where you can earn real money by playing online games. Scar is aimed at creating a wider community where everyone will benefit immensely and they will all be connected to the platform through rewards. The platform will include multiplayer, single-player, RPG-games in which gamers will have their own fantasy world to play, kill and earn. Many companies have thought about integrating the game industry and digital assets, but Scar is the first platform where you can earn real money by playing your favorite games, and this is too legal. Digital assets or money received during online games have always been isolated from the real economy until a block chain has been developed. Thus, Scara has made such an excellent platform, using the most advanced technology.

Scar – the awarding universe

Scar is the first decentralized platform based on blockades, which includes video games, multiplayer games and much more. This is a unique project, because it is not just a gaming platform, but an ecosystem in which gamers can make real money separately from digital assets. In 2018, Scar will release his rich fantasy world with a new series. The Skara ecosystem has an advanced blockchain technology that makes its environment easier, safer, more accessible and decentralized. Scar is the first who will overcome the barrier of isolation between digital assets and the real economy. Its ecosystem is based on crypto-currencies in the form of a marker based on ERC20 ethereum called SKARAT. Scarat is a token that can be used to interact with the platform, and it can be sold in the real market. Now you can earn, buy and sell a digital asset in the real world, and this is too legal. Using SKARAT tokens, you will be able to bet in esports, purchases and much more on the Internet. Thus, Scar is the future of the online gambling industry.
Crowd puller – unique features
– Block-based ecosystem
– ton SKARAT
– Role-playing games
– Graphics level AAA
– Unique game modes
– Fast multiplayer match.
– Card system
– Platform.
– Rewarding the community
Information on the sale of the token
The platform has its own token for its users to interact with a platform called Scarat. These tokens are available during the sale of the marker. The sale of tokens will consist of three sections, called sales with pre-tokens, sales of tokens and a distribution program. Before the sale of the tokens was November 27, 2017, and the sale of the tokens will be from January 28, 2018. The bonus program will consist of 474 704 skarats.
The founder of the project are Pablo Rodriguez and Caesar Ortega. Both of them are very professional and embodied the imagination in the form of SCAR. Victor Morena – technical director, and Mark Bulestix is a CMO project. Behind them is the hard work of a very experienced team that has made such a project possible. Scar is the work of these professionals who revolutionized the online gambling industry.
Scar is not only a gaming platform, but also an opportunity to earn your money. He made a new global milestone in the entertainment industry, where users can extract their income during the game. The travel of the gaming industry was transformed by the development of the Internet, and now it has become a table in the form of Scar. Skara encourages trading during the game, because the team believes that the game is also a talent. If you are a gamer, then join the SCAR community to play, play killings and kill to earn.
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