SKARA — The New and Unique Game with Ethereum Blockchain in it’s Heart

Imagine the absolutely another and beautiful entertainment universe that includes a multiplayer competitive eSports platform, narrative role playing (RPG) games and mobile apps with embedding blockchain at the heart, where gamers can make real money while fighting to survive between five different strong cultures. Sounds very promising, is not it? SKARA is a place where all of that are real and legal!

Skara World is a separate post apocalyptic fantasy universe with its laws, where in the first place is always a fierce struggle for survival between different cultures, each of which seeks to defeat the rest. It including an award-winning, competitive team based action game, mobile game and several single player RPG games.

And as mentioned in my previous posts, today is the best time to implement blockchain and smart-contracts technologies in gaming industry, directly this SKARA Team is aim to do in their Beta version which is preparing now.

Right now is going SKARA Token Pre-Sale, and as usually after that will be token pre-ico and ico periods. And in case of successful token sale SKARA will be able to fully develop and market like no indie game has ever done before. It will be completely new and unique in-game assets market ecosystem powered by Ethereum blockchain with internal cryptocurrency SKARAT (SKRT), that can be traded on opened crypto exchanges, in game directly or player-to-player. In-game assets now will become like a real thing which every player hold only in their “hands”, and nobody, even SKARA Team can not touch or move them.

So how the SKARA Team see the current situation and what solution offers?

PROBLEM 1. The lack of transparency: Publishers and developers get all the profits. Lack of transparency in competitions. Manual eSports betting solutions lack accuracy and efficiency.

SKARA SOLUTION. Decentralized game economy: Game economy becomes transparent thanks to the blockchain. Asset ownership and real time betting means benefits for gamers, not only for publishers.

PROBLEM 2. Yard to became a PRO: No clear progression path for professional gamers. Creating an eSports team is time and money-consuming. Getting and managing revenues requires hiring 3rd party services.

SKARA SOLUTION. SKARAT’s as eSports economy: Gamers can create and manage their own eSports teams and Fantasy Leagues within the Skara game and get Skarat’s for winning Tournaments.

PROBLEM 3. Premium single player: Overwatch, FIFA, Call of Duty, NBA2K… All big premium franchises are adding in-game sales and loot boxes, getting huge revenues with the GaaS economy.

SKARA SOLUTION. Free-to-play single player: Thanks to the benefits of the blockchain, the Skara team can focus on releasing the first AAA Single Player ever, getting the revenues from the cross-game loot boxes.

PROBLEM 4. Expensive marketing: Player acquisition in free-to-play games is a difficult, high-cost strategy involving marketing in gaming platforms, advertisement and paid streaming.

SKARA SOLUTION. Organic acquisition: Having a f2p AAA Single Player cross-game guarantees a high acquisition from launch. eSports, Lore events, streamers getting revenues in Skarat’s and players getting value from their assets in the blockchain will keep the pace going.

What are the key game features:

Fast-paced combat with timing and accuracy focus: Each survivor has his own 3rd person combat style with a personalized set of close combat movements and skills to fight in frenetic skirmishes against other players.

Fighting synergies between team characters: In order to master the game you will need to learn the specifics of each culture’s combat style to take advantage of your survivor’s unique skills and play as a cohesive group of warriors, empowered by each other’s strengths.

Quick multiplayer matches: You can choose different game modes ranging approximately from 3 to 10 minutes. You cannot hide in the arenas. You must kill your enemies before they kill you.

Game modes: There are 3 game modes: a 1v1 “Duel”, a 3v3 “Last Team Standing” and a 5v5 “Domination”. There are 4 arenas: “Jaarvi” is the icy scenario for the Duels, “Khilma — Lava Coliseum” and “Gâo-di” are the two scenarios where the Last Team Standing matches take place, and “Zem” hosts the “Domination” and “Siege Battles”. Nearly all of them contain interactive elements. Danger is everywhere.

Lore-Rich: The team will also continue the SKARA story directly reflecting what happens in the multiplayer game. Each culture in SKARA has its own story, mythology, heroes and political structure. Music, funerary rites, language and even calligraphy for each one of the cultures is described in the Lore and players can interact with it on the SKARA Wikia ( Much of this material is generated by players themselves. To date, more than 101 pages worth!

Players become Heroes: In Skara, the best players are not only rewarded with competitive earnings, they become the stuff of legend. We mean that literally, the best players actually become characters in Skara novels and first-person action games — to be played by all.

Card system: To make players into heroes, we have engineered a collectable card system which tracks player stats. The top performers become an asset on the blockchain — and of course the gain some benefit from that status!

And a couple words about SKARA Token and ICO.

SKARATs and valuable game items will be stored in a decentralized blockchain on the user’s dedicated Ether wallet. The game will allow the user to link his blockchain identity (wallet) to his account in SKARA. Accounting for game assets through the blockchain allows the users to take the value of their game items outside of the SKARA universe. By having the freedom to buy, trade and sell items, Skara assets (including SKARATs) become even more collectible and valuable.

When a SKARAT enters the game, it gets parked in a SKARA — The Blade Remains Wallet, tied to a player’s account. When the reverse process takes place, the token is moved from SKARA — The Blade Remains Wallet to the new owner’s Ethereum wallet, and this SKARAT is no longer in the game. All such token transactions are stored on the blockchain. The SKARA — The Blade Remains game server has access only to those tokens that are held in the SKARA — The Blade Remains Wallet.

As you could notice SKRT is a utility token, and it’s a good sign for investors too, i think you know what i mean. And another delicious decision for investors is further token burning, about this bellow.

Players spend SKARATs on unique game content, on player-to-player trades, or by participating in SKARA Tournaments (whether playing or betting). All this daily activity by the millions of players we are forecast to have playing SKARA creates a constant demand for SKARATs on the open market. When a player purchases something, e.g. a weapon or a boost, from the game itself, the team burns 50% of spent SKARATs, and move the remaining 50% to a special account called Game Funds. Burning half of the SKARATs involved in every in-game transaction provides inflationary price pressure on the market value of the remaining SKARATs as the limited supply of SKARAT tokens is continually reduced. It will be possible to transfer SKARATs between player accounts in case of trading on the open market.

And finally about SKARA ICO and token distribution.

1.Only ETH will be accepted as a contribution. So if you have not it then you should go to any available exchange and buy it (do not send ETH from exchanges or you will lose your money! You should send only from wallet to which you have fully access and all keys!).

2.A minimum of 10 ETH will be accepted for the pre-sale (running now).

3.For to contribute you should be whitelisted via official site (i will provide link bellow). It includes your email, telegram username and amount expected.

4.The tokens will be issued within two weeks of the end of the token sale. And only sold tokens will be minted.

Token distribution.

The SKARA Team expect to issue a maximum of 20,000,000 SKARATs. When the token sale is completed, no more SKARA tokens will be issued. The tokens will be distributed as follows: 9% of the tokens will be distributed among co-founders and the team. 15% of the tokens will be held by the company to fund future marketing activities. 3% will be used for Bounty program and another 3% for advisers. 70% will be available to token sale contributors.

So, i think that i have mentioned the main things in this my blog, but you should remember that this is only general description of the project and not complete. And if you decide that this is interesting for you then you can find more information about SKARA ecosystem as a whole, team which is standing behind, their token sale/pricing, other advantages and token holders benefits in their Whitepaper, official site and BTT ANN Thread, links will be bellow.


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