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I am here explaining the SKYFchain platform

        The SKYFchain platform is a platform of the first BRNA (Busines to Robots) operation platform that will apply globally in all sectors of the emerging cargo robotics industry, all of these will be tested by the first industrial air-cargo robot by SKYFdrone, which can provide access headed directly to SKYFchain to a kleyen base for unmanned business development poses that can use all places of which are airborne on the ground at the port connected to SKYFchain. if they switched from helicopter to cargo ship, they were able to feed their rig on land at a cost of 5 to 10 cheaper.

KSEFchainas ablockchainwith will provide a built-insmart contract that will provide a very sensible source of data and control over unmanned assets for clients, logistics operators, insurance companies and banks covering authorities around the world. and it will blame the public for joining the business. which is beneficial for all industry participants.

Here will soon start ICO which will publish about 1200000000 SKYF TOKEN. which will be used to facilitate all internal transactions. Thus we always expect the value of SKYF will increase over time that will run because in support by two main movers are:

  • More companies, clients, all financial institutions will grow with SKYFchain which will boost SKYFchain’s transaction growth and demand on SKYFT2
  • For every SKYFchain transaction get a loan to buy an unmanned vehicle and will charge a 25% commission which will be handed over to the holder of SKYFT

Thus we prepare an understanding of your support for SKYFchain that is associated with risk, we do not take some steps to reduce those risks

  1. SKYFchain legal entity SKYFdrones OU service has been listed in Estonians that have rules that benefit the world for unblocking companies.
  2. SKYFtokens strictly adheres to the SEC of the united states and is available to investors
  3. SKYF aircraft will all use SKYFchain as a driving platform, this development will have direct access to all SKYFdrone customers who will test and polish SKYFchain system before inviting manufacturers.
  4. SKYFchain is a SKYFdronedevelopment development project that can provide SKYFchain access to clients. using 20% ​of revenues from SKYF aircraft sales to buy SKYFT tokens from our market. forecast $ 50 million over the next 3-5 years after ico. all aircraft are designed with different sizes and IP protection
  5. SKYFchain has a team of highly experienced and responsible engineers and business leaders. all proven they have drawn $ 5 million VC money into the endless plane SKYF
       Business SKYFchain OP all business processes conflict with good human thinking as acustomeror acontroller. Autopilots for cargo robots, AI and IOT development bodies. All this is indicated that the robot can work directly without direct control by humans. and certainly will give effect sparingly. Among the 50% many logistics are in the process of giving birth, with all the robot payloads very useful and we are trying to develop them in the SKYFchain oprasi platform.

       The main objective of SKYFchain OPis is to integrate all information for all market participants and to know and manage the implementation of smart contracts for all transactions. The platform will also collect commissions from each transaction that occurs, all transactions will be paid in other currencies or currencies using the token SKYFT token store will be the internal currency of platfor, about 1.2bntoken will be issued in ice in the form of Ethereum tokens ER20 so this is a fixed amount of all systems,

      Further evidence will be needed to execute the smart contract and the SKYF exchange rate may increase. we plan a SKYFT token that will be traded on four to five crypto exchanges, and for docside ico protection tokens is to provide the fact that SKYFchain OPwill has used three unique resources.

SKYF launches geography in various countries in between

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Canada
  • South America
  • Northern Europe
SKYF expansion geography
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United States of America
  • Pre-ICO will start on March 1, 2018
  • for the first join will get 40% token bonus for you
  • The target to be achieved by Pre-ICO is $ 1000000
  • Approximately 51300000 SKYF token that has been in the message for Pre-ICO
  • Minimum purchase token 3000 SKYF
  • And the collected will be stored in multiple accounts
  • We accept contributions in ETH and bitcoin
  • ICO harcap is $ 30,000,000
  • For the price of SKYF token at the end of ICO is $ 0.065
  • Around 528,000,000 are available for token purchases
  • The remaining tokens will be burned
The cost of logistics helicopters in oil and gas companies
SKYFchain Team

So much of me, may you join the SKYFchain Platform. More Information Visit Link Below:


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