SKYFchain will provide solutions for the logistics industry all inclusive by utilizing the drone or aircraft without the team. SKYFchain utilizing blockchain technology base platform is available to all members which will incorporate critical data for each phase of the life cycle of a robot payload. SKYFchain will create and set another standard for industry mechanical conveyance in the zones of financing, upkeep, assembling, protection, and working specialist drone ashore and adrift.

SKYFchain is additionally a financial tool that will take into consideration exchanges supported through cryptocurrency. On offer to people and foundations, for example, banks of information extensive and substantive control over resources using smart contracts. This is one type of business for financing industry robot load.


The current calculated business forms have been planned and are recognized as a client or as a man who is in charge. SKYFchain will utilize the autopilot to freight, so the robot can work without being in coordinate control by the person. This would cost operational lower. Sektar half of the cost of logistics being used to pay for the work.

With the SKYFchain drone payload will turn into another kind of advantage that advantages from new direction, negligible hazard, simple to control and it can be produced better.

SKYFchain is one of only a handful couple of undertakings that were dynamic a couple of years back, delivering drones, utilizing them for a payload of 400kg and flying up to 350km. Long flight times, high conveying capacity and straightforward generation isolate SKYFchain from all other business drones available. Just SKYFchain joins a gas motor for the lift and littler electric propellers for the control. Two vast propellers join with an inside ignition motor to provide intense lightness and long flight time. No other drone in the market approaches this execution.

An extraordinary item, as well as numerous enormous clients from various nations, for example, Syngenta – an expansive worldwide agribusiness that offers seeds and pesticides. Horse Express – THE BIGGEST UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS OPERATOR IN THE CIS. There are 60 express focuses and 128 agent workplaces in Russia, and also illustrative workplaces in 8 nations, for example, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Armenia. Slavneft Company – Open Joint Stock Company Slavneft oil and gas organization was established on August 26, 1994, and numerous other key clients.


SKYFchain is the main overwhelming payload Drone on the planet that can complete a take-off in vertical. SKYFchain drones can be utilized for a wide assortment of ventures, for example, logistics, horticulture and crisis help.

SKYFchain drones can convey a most extreme heap of up to 400kg and can fly up to a sweep of 350 km street. Drones can likewise coordinate with the State on the need to meet distinctive objectives, national directions and climate conditions.


SKYFchain dispatches the ico to circulate the hubs SKYFchain. The holder of the blockchain hub will get an exchange charge that will be being used for the development and showcasing of SKYFchain around the globe.

SKYFchain began Pre-ICO on March 1, 2018.

Target Pre-ICO $1 million USD


The Name Token: SKYFT

Supply: 1.2 billion

ICO: $65 value USD/1 SKYFT Token

upper holder-hubs get half of the cost

25% of the cost given to the holder of the token

25% of the cost given to community development reserves


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