Skyfchain – Bringing Robotics Solution to the Global Logistics Industry


The global logistics industry plays a critical role in our everyday lives as it helps us solve great challenges with respect to parcel services, shipments, etc. Just as technological advancement is much needed in other sectors, so does the logistics industry requires constant technological advancements. Permit me as I introduce you all to Skyfchain Operating platform which offers great revolutionary solutions which focuses on disrupting the global logistics industry.


SKYFchain operating platform is a blockchain based first ever B2R (Business-to-Robots) operating platform. SKYFchain blockchain system makes provision for secure data exchange and payment gateways for an ultimate robotics support logistics. The Platform shall be built on the basis on private blockhain. SKYFchain operating platform will make use of an ERC20 standard protocol for her official platform utility token called “SKYFT tokens” which is the primary payment measure for performing exchange transactions. SKYFchain operating platform is a unique platform because it shall be designed to be able to eliminate the need for active human intervention as intermediary and it shall also have the possibility to access confirmed clients of the SKYF cargo drone which is already flying. The main objective of the SKYFchain network is to organise essential information for all logistics market participants as well as organising the execution of transactions on the basis of smart-contracts.

The SKYFT tokens will be the primary means of performing any transaction within the SKYFchain operating network.

Users of SKYFchain operating platform can make transaction requests and make payment using fiat money via his/her smart contract. Users of the SKYFchain operating platform need not to bother about transaction growth in the platform as it is a given that ROBOTS will always have the need to communicate with clients

Token & ICO Information

Token:                                     SKYFT

Token Standard:                      ERC20

ICO Price:                                1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD

Platform:                                 Ethereum

ICO Accepted Payments:        ETH, BTC

Minimum ICO investment:     3000 SKYFT

Tokens Generated:                  1,200,000,000 SKYFT tokens

Soft cap:                                  5000000 USD

Hard cap:                                30000000 USD

Country:                                  Estonia

The SKYF Drone

SKYF drone is first ever industrial heavy cargo drone in the world. It is also the first cargo drone having the possibility of vertical take-offs and vertical landing. Skyf drone could also be used in a broad spectrum of applications with the most famous ones currently being applied in the area of agriculture, logistics, as well as emergency relief.

The SKYF drone has the capability of carrying load up to 400kg in weight. It also has a flight distance capacity of up to 350 km. The SKYF drone is multi-functional and can be adapted to serve different objectives, national regulations, as well as climatic conditions.

Project Team

The essentiality of a project team towards the success of a project can never be over emphasized as it plays a major role to the overall success of the project. In the light of this, I am pleased to tell you all that the project team members of Skyftchain platform is carefully selected and comprises of highly experienced industry professionals which shows great auspiciousness for the project. Below is a sneak peak of the project team list:

  • Alexander Timofeev – CEO
  • Maxim Khabur – CMO
  • Valery Krivenko – IR
  • Nickolay Kovshov – LEAD IT DEVELOPER
  • Dmitry Arsentyev – DRONE DEVELOPMENT
  • Marat Sabirov – AUTOPILOT DESIGN
  • Olga Budnik – PR
  • Nail Zinnurov – DRONE DESIGN
  • Christian Lorentzen – BDO in USA
  • Ilya Rodin – GR
  • Sergey Shilin – SOFTWARE ENGINEER
  • Alexander Malikov – SOFTWARE ENGINEER
  • Tarlan Kornilov – Law Partner


  • Michael Terpin – CEO, TRANSFORM GROUP
  • Igor Karavaev – ICO ADVISOR


Coming across a project like SKYFchain doesn’t come so easily considering the revolutionary solutions it brings to the crypto economy. In the light of this, I strongly recommend that you all participate in this prestigious project by purchasing as many SKYFT tokens as possible during this ongoing ICO project phase.

For more information about SKYFchain operating platform and how purchases of her SKYFT tokens can be made, kindly visit any of the following links:









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