SKYFCHAIN Business to Robots Operating Platform.

SKYFchain is the first blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robots) Operating Platform. SKYF is creating solutions for the drone technology and transportation. They have designed world’s first unmanned air cargo platform with vertical take-off and landing based on the patented aerodynamics. They are affordable and easy to operate. Having the capability to provide licensed operational documentation and software components, they are easily scalable depending upon the payload. Designed to carry an average payload of 150 kg, it is most useful in the areas where traditional transportation is not possible.

SKYF Drone

The first and foremost heavy cargo drone introduced in the world was the SKYF. It is highly versatile in nature and has the distinct features of landing and vertical take-off capabilities. The SKYF drone is the best drone, while compared with the other drones available in the market. It finds a variety of applications in the industry of cargo robots. In addition, it also has its applications in some other fields such as logistics, agriculture and emergency relief and so on.

How is SKYFchain(SKYFT) unique?

Long flight time, significant carrying capability, and simple production separate SKYF from the other industrial verbalise the market. solely SKYF combines a ICE for elevate and smaller electrical propellers for management. 2 giant (2.8m) propellers connect with an indoor combustion engine to produce powerful elevate and long flight time. Eight smaller electrical engines give management. SKYF will carry a goop load of 250kg (550 lb) up to three hours. It will carry 50kg up to eight hours with a 350km (220 miles) vary. No alternative verbalise the market comes near this performance.

SKYFchain OP business model

The main purpose of the SKYFchain OPis to integrate info for all market participants and organize the execution of smart-contracts for transactions. Transactions might vary in worth and frequency. The platform can collect commissions from every dealings.All transactions are going to be paid in USDor alternative enactment currency however dead in system exploitation the SKYFT tokens. SKYFT token are going to be the interior currency of the platform. Only 1.2 bntokens are going to be issued at ICO in style of Ethereum ERC20 tokens. this can be mounted quantity for all system. we have a tendency to ar reaching to take a look at the platform exploitation SKYF drones, then we have a tendency to shall educate drone producers and integrate alternative drones into the system. once sea-borne and ground-borne shipment robots get the market, we have a tendency to shall integrate them likewise by organizing workshops with several associations of producers.

How Dose SKYFchain(SKYFT) Work?

The platform is constructed upon a robust pilotless aerial vehicle SKYF pilotless Aerial Carrier which will be able to deliver packagesover long distances. The multi-rotor, autonomous drone, known as SKYF, was designed with supplying and agribusinesses corporations in mind to form a air freight platform to assist business perform tasks. The vertical take-off and landing drone has applications in areas like the aerial application of pesticides and fertilizers, seed planting for forest restoration and emergency things for food and medication delivery. SKYFChain issue the mounted quantity of SKYFT tokens, which is able to be needed for any dealings within the SKYFchain. A user requests a dealings in SKYFchain and pays firmly in paper currency through his sensible contract. SKYFchain aquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to execute the dealings.


Fixed amount of 1,200,000,000 tokens

The ICO-end price will be ~0.065 USD per 1 SKYFT token

SKYFT is compliant with SEC of USA

SKYFT tokens will be required for any transaction inside SKYFchain.

A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract. SKYFchain acquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to execute the transaction.

Transactions will grow exponentially because ROBOTS NEED TO TALK with clients

SKYFT-token is the SKYFchain internal currency


Fixed amount — 1 200 000 000 tokens

Two types of transactions, paid using SKYFT:

Operational transactions

Fintech transactions

Super-node holders harvest 50% of fees

25% of fees goes to token holders

25% of fees goes to the Community Development Fund

Token Sale

Pre-Sale: Ended!!!


Start: March 10th

End date: June 15th

Visit to purchase token, 10% Discount currently live.


– 44% Crowdsale

– 15% Network Development Fund

– 10% Community Development Fund

– 9.5% Reserve

– 1.5% Bounty Fund

– 20% Team



2014 — 2017

design and manufacture of SKYF cargo drones attracted $5M; successful aerodynamic tests; fully autonomous flights in Q4 2017

2018 — 2019

development of the private blockchain; creation of the international legal structure; sales of first SKYF drones and expansion of the partner network to regions without strict regulation of cargo drone flights (CIS, Asia, Africa)

2020 — 2022

rapid growth of SKYF drone sales; inclusion of third-party drone data into SKYFchain; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets

2023 — 2025

connection of ground and sea cargo robots into the system; passenger drones to follow


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