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The current robot technology development the more rapidly and there have been many innovations in the robots that make for easy human work. One of them with a drone that is robot aircraft without the crew with the most advanced technology at this time. Drones have a variety of types, from drones to the needs of the film, racing, until the drone to the delivery of the goods.

Well on this occasion I will discuss about the latest Drone project delivery of the goods or it could be called with a cargo drone. The project that harnesses the drone as cargo was SKYFchain. SKYFchain is a sophisticated cargo drone project due to the merger of the drone cargo shippers of goods with blockchain technology. For more details see full explanation below:

Project SKYFchain will provide solutions for the logistics industry globally by using the drone or aircraft without the crew. SKYFchain using blockchain technology base platform is open to all participants which will include important information for each stage of the life cycle of a robot cargo. SKYFchain will develop and set a new standard for industry robotic delivery in the areas of financing, maintenance, manufacturing, insurance, and operating authority drone on land and at sea.

SKYFchain is also a financial tool that will allow for transactions funded through cryptocurrency. On offer to individuals and institutions such as banks of data comprehensive and substantive control over assets through the use of smart contracts. This is one form of business for financing industry robot cargo.

SKYFchain will perform data storage and ensure the data associated with the operations of the drone remains secure. Thus it will be a server as a trusted data source specification such as drones, maintenance or care, licensing and operation of pilot data and mission that will be done and the route that will be going through. SKYFchain has the authority in mission planning, verification and operation support drones so that appropriate and secure 100%.

SKYFchain is the first heavy cargo Drone in the world that has the ability to do a take-off in vertical. SKYFchain drones can be used for a wide variety of industries such as logistics, agriculture and emergency assistance.
SKYFchain drones can carry a maximum load of up to 400kg and can fly up to a radius of 350 km road. Drones can also match with the State on the need to meet different goals, national regulations and weather conditions.

The current logistic business processes have been designed and are remembered as a customer or as a person who is in control. SKYFchain will use the autopilot to cargo, so the robot can work without being in direct control by the individual. This would cost operational lower. Sektar 50% of the cost of logistics in use to pay for the labor.
With the SKYFchain drone cargo will become a new type of asset that benefits from new regulation, minimal risk, easy to control and it can be developed better.

SKYFchain launches the ico to distribute the nodes SKYFchain. The holder of the blockchain node will get a transaction fee that will be in use for the development and marketing of SKYFchain around the world.
SKYFchain started Pre-ICO on March 1, 2018.
Target Pre-ICO $1 million USD


  • According to a research in United State, most drivers (93 percent) use existing driver-assist features such as adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and collision avoidance. They then appreciate the usefulness of these driving technology innovations . Seft- drived cars help reduce the accident from drunk driver and lower insuarance costs for car , this revolution will set old people and disable people free , because their vehicles now are automated . President and CEO of CTA. “The broad adoption of self-driving vehicles will save tens of thousands of lives each year in the U.S. alone, and deliver a level of independence and mobility that seniors and people with disabilities couldn’t otherwise dream of enjoying.”


  • Autonomous shipping is being proactively explored by the maritime industry. Discussions within the industry have identified both direct cost-reducing benefits and other indirect benefits. Direct benefits are often listed at the vessel level:
    • Better use of space in ship design
    • Better use of the crew and their skills
    • Better use of fuel.
    Indirect benefits occur at company and network levels along the shipping sector. Remote and autonomous shipping allows for improved optimization of operations and processes. For example, optimizing processes or operations based on real-time data enables economies of scale at fleet and company levels as well as reduces the likelihood of human errors, contributing to both safety and service quality. In the shipping sector, autonomous shipping will recast the roles and reorganize the division of work.
  • Embedding smart ship equipment into an existing vessel is the first step on the Rolls-Royce roadmap to a fully autonomous and intelligent ship. The company envisages a remotely operated local vessel being in operation by 2020. By 2025, the company hopes to have a remotely operated autonomous vessel on international waters.
  • Five years later, SKYFchain hopes that autonomous ocean-going vessels will be a common sight on the ocean. As time goes on, such ships will be made even more intelligent and capable of autonomous operations.

Those benefits above are main advantages of unmanned technology that SKYFchain will provide the world , it willbe a revolution for not only logistic but travel . Do not miss this chance

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