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According to, logistics is the process of planning implementing and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods and even services. Transportation is aver vital part of logistics because choosing the right means of transport can make or mare your business. This brought about the use of drones for easy transportation but even the use of drones despite its massive market potential and growth has its challenges being the lack of transparency and the technical problems associated with it. The unique project SKYFCHAIN aims at solving these challenges with the use of blockchain technology by using drones or aircraft without the crew. SKYFchain is a the first blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robots) which provides the sector with airborne cargo drones and later introduce ground Bourne and seaborne cargo bots for the newest small business opportunities and also reduce the large expense associated with logistics with the SKYF token. The project is based on four main features: hardware, operations, financing, regulation & support. Ultimately, this project aims at integrating critical information for all market participants and organizes execution of smart contracts for transactions. The SKYFchain drones which is the first cargo drone with the ability of vertical takeoff and landing is able to take a load of up to 400kg and can fly a distance of 350km. it was developed to enable business carry out certain duties such as seed planting, airborne application of fertilizers and pesticides, drug and food deliver, etc.
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The SKYF token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard used for FinTech and operational transactions on the platform. Other accepted currencies on the platform are: ETH and BTC. The $2M pre-sale was just 5 days. The main ICO started on March 10 to end on the 15th of June 2018 with the total supply of 1, 200,000,000 SKYFT at the rate of $0.065 per SKYF token.
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44%- Crowdsale
20%- Team
15%- Network Development Fund
10%- Community Development Fund
9.5%- Reserve
1.5%- Bounty

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45%- Research & Development
25%- Marketing & Platform Development
24%- Operations, Business & Corporate Development
6%- Legal & Administrative

2014- 2017- Design and manufacture of SKYF cargo drones attracted $5M; successful aerodynamics: fully autonomous flights in Q4 2017
2018- 2019- Development of the private blockchain; creation of the international legal structure; sales of first SKYF drones and expansion of the partner network to regions without strict regulation of cargo drone flights ( CIS, Asia, Africa)
2020- 2022- Rapid growth of SKYF drone sales; inclusion of third party drone data into SKYFCHAIN; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets
2023- 2025- Connection of ground and sea cargo robots into the system; passenger drones to follow

Alexander Timofeev- CEO
Maxim Khabur- CMO
Ilya Rodin- GR
Nickolay Kovshov- Lead IT Developer
Dmitry Arsentyev- Drone development
Valery Krivenko- IR
Marat Sabirov- Autopilot design
Tarlan Kornilov- Law partner
Olga Budnik- PR
Nail Zinnurov- Drone design
Christian Lorentzen- BDO in USA
Katya Bublik- Head of digital marketing
Sergey Shilin- Software Engineer
Alexander Malikov- Software Engineer
Michael Terpin- Founder of CoinAgenda
Alexey Arkhipov- Managing partner at QIWI Blockchain technologies
Alexander Ivanov- Expert in global business development
Igor Karavaev- ICO advisor

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