SKYFCHAIN – First SkyDrone Service In the Air

What Is the SKYFCHAIN 

SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) operating platform. This private blockchain system provides independent secure data exchange and payment exchange channels for total support of robot-centric logistics. The operating platform SKYFChain will be based on the private blockchain. It will use the ERC20 compatible protocol for SKYFT tokens and will establish payment channels for exchange transactions. SKYFchain is unique because it will be designed to exclude humans as an intermediary and it will have access to confirmed customers of the first industrial heavy cargo drone – the SKYF drone, which is already in flight. Technically, the main goal of SKYFchain is to integrate critical information for all market players and to organize the execution of intelligent contracts for transactions. SKYFchain aims to create the all-new aerial freight drone industry and to subsequently invite embedded and embedded loading robots for new business opportunities.

What Is The Context and Purpose of The SKYFCHAIN

SKYFchain is an open blockchain platform for keeping records of all key events occurring with freight robots and their interactions in the supply chain. Each transaction is registered on the platform. Each record has its own cost depending on the type, frequency, and complexity of transactions and is denominated in a traditional currency. All calculations in SKYFchain will be processed in SKYFT tokens, as required by the smart contract logic. Since the number of participants and the number of transactions in the platform will constantly increase, while the number of chips is fixed, the cost of the SKYFT token will also increase. SKYFT tokens will be freely quoted on the main cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to this, SKYFT token holders will receive their share of the cost of each transaction made within the SKYFchain platform. Traditional freight logistics is one of the most complex industries.

How does it work?

The platform is built on a powerful SKYF unmanned aerial vehicle, capable of delivering packages over long distances. The multi-rotor autonomous drone, called SKYF, has been designed for logistics and agribusiness companies to create an air cargo platform to help businesses perform their tasks. The vertical take-off and landing drone has applications in areas such as aerial application of pesticides and fertilizers, planting seeds for forest restoration and emergency situations for the delivery of food and medicine. SKYFChain issues the fixed amount of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for any transaction within SKYFchain. A user requests a transaction in SKYFchain and safely pays money through his smart contract. SKYFchain acquires SKYFT tokens during a crypto exchange to execute the transaction.

The Potential of Chance Have Seek by SKYFChain

He is extremely dependent on the human factor; A lot of manual work is used in the transport process. In order to continue their expansion, companies will have to change the freight industry itself. Further optimization of the traditional logistics market is simply impossible. Most of the proposed iterations reduce only tenths and sometimes even hundredths of a percent of costs, or reduce the time spent on delivery. The future of the industry is unmanned freight logistics. Such market giants as Google and Amazon have already started testing using UAVs for the delivery of small packages, and UGVs for the service of warehouse complexes. The current system is not transparent enough. It includes dozens of mediators, and the number of their reciprocal interactions in a delivery can sometimes exceed a hundred or even a few hundred. Blockchain can help solve this problem. Technology will naturally fit into the logistics market and make it more efficient in the very near future. In addition, the blockchain is necessary for the full implementation of unmanned delivery, whether by drones or car cars. “SKYFchain can bring together all players in the market with the same distribution system, eliminating a lot of problems, starting with the approval of the delivery route for robots and ending with the calculation of Insurance costs and payment transfers Not only will this approach reduce transaction costs, increase the transparency of logistics plans and calculations, but it will also increase the speed and quality of the delivery of goods. to unmanned systems (rather than aviation) is a very short-term issue, SKYFchain is the only solution that can satisfy all market players and with the help of SKYFchain, we will support the transition of the aviation industry. logistics to unmanned systems, which will result in a significant reduction in transportation costs – all consumers will benefit, but those who are located in the least developed regions, in terms of logistics and all

What is the difference between SKYF and the other drones?

The long duration of the flight, the great capacity of transport and the comfort of production differentiate to SKYF from the other commercial drones of the sector. Only SKYF uses a gas engine for the elevator and smaller electric propellers for handling. Two large propellers (2.8 m) are attached to an internal combustion engine to offer powerful lift and a long period of travel. Eight smaller electric motors provide control. SKYF can support a maximum load of 250 kg (550 lb) up to 3 hours. It can carry 50 kg up to 8 hours with a range of 350 km (220 miles). There is no other drone aircraft in the sector that resembles this performance

SKYFchain OP business model

The main purpose of SKYFchain Opis is to incorporate information for all market players and organize the development of intelligent contracts for transactions. Transactions vary in value and frequency. The platform will charge commissions for each operation, all transactions will be made in USD or another fixed currency, but will be processed in the system through the SKYFT tokens. SKYFT token will become the internal currency of the platform. At the ICO, only 1.2 billion tokens will be delivered in the Ethereum ERC20 format. It is a fixed amount for the entire regime. We will test the platform with the SKYF drones, then we will train the drone suppliers and we will incorporate other drones into the team. The cargo robots transported by sea and land that go on the market, we will incorporate them and carry out workshops with the corresponding producer associations.


The SKYFT tokens are used for all the operations that are carried out in SKYFchain


Price 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD

Bonus Available

Bounty Available

Etalitas Platform

Receive ETH, BTC

Minimum investment of 3,000 SKYFT

Soft cap 5000000 USD

Hardcover 30000000 USD Code listing Whitelist / KYC

Estonian state

SkyChain Team

Every a great project there is always A great team behind it. SKYFCHAIN project consists of more than 30 engineers and developers. They are professionals and specialize in handling the startup project. The key team also has the capability to build startup project.T heir experiences and dedication will bring great result and positive progress ahead. let me introduce to all of you. there also 16 advisors and 10 People Technology Team that assist their work give good contributes. what a great teams it is.


Successful Project always has a purpose to reach. these points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project. easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of SKYFCHAIN projects looks very clear and informing. the team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through.

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