Skyfchain- New Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry

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Today, we are going to review a project called Skyfchain.

It is widely known that the traditional cargo logistics is one of the most complex industries with a major dependence on manual labor. Due to this limitation, further optimization of the traditional logistics is relatively not feasible. The future of the industry is the unmanned cargo logistics, on which large companies such as Amazon and Google are already focusing for the purpose of parcel delivery. Although, it has been found out that this mode of operation is not transparent enough, and that is why SKYFchain is providing a solution to this problem through the use of blockchain technology.

SKYFchain is a blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robots) operating platform, which essentially aims to innovate the industry of robotic delivery using blockchain.

This company is a spin-off of SKYF, which is the first cargo robot manufacturer in the world.

SKYF is the world’s first industrial heavy cargo drone and the first cargo drone with the capability of vertical take-off and landing. It can be used in a range of applications with the most popular ones currently being agriculture, logistics and emergency relief. The SKYF can carry a useful load of up to 400kg and has a flight range of up to 350 km. The SKYF drone is versatile and can be quickly adapted to suit different purposes, national regulations, and climatic conditions.

How Does SKYFchain Work?

This B2R operating platform intends to create an ecosystem that can put together operations, autonomous vehicles, financing, compliance and support.

Basically, this platform intends to put together in a single platform the providers and the clients of logistics and transportation processes, the manufacturers and service providers of trucks and drones, financing made by robots and State authorities. The platform is all about integration and using the same language to unite all these processes.

All the transactions on the platform will be made via SKYFT tokens and every action that you make on the platform will require tokens. If the user does not have tokens, it can use fiat currency and the system will solve the problem by The transactions will all be made via smart contracts, which means that they will be secure and immutable.

The company has already worked with drones and other types of automated vehicles and its main goal is the creation and union of this whole ecosystem, which will take its products and create a whole structure around them to make a better service.


SKYFchain is an operational platform based on B2R block circuits, applicable in all sectors of the developing freight robotics industry with an initial focus on the destruction of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

SKYFchain will be designed to exclude a person as an intermediary, and he will have access to confirmed customers of an industrial caterpillar unmanned cargo aircraft – the SKYF runner who already flies.

Technically, the main goal of SKYFchain is to integrate important information for all market participants and organize the execution of smart contracts for transactions.

SKYFchain strives to create an industry of unmanned aerial vehicles, and then invites sea and marine cargo robots for business opportunities in the areas of financing, production, operation, maintenance, insurance and authorization of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots.


The SKYFchain’s team consists of more than 30 Russian engineers and developers, all specialized in machinery, information technology and community development. Each of them has years of experience working in transportation companies, leading research labs.


Successful project always has a purpose to reach. These points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project, easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of SKYFCHAIN project looks very clear and informing. The team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through.

ICO information

Token: SKYFT

Platform: Ethereum

ICO time: 10/3/2018-15/8/2018

Price: 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD

Accepted Payment: ETH, BTC

Soft cap 5 millions USD

Hard cap 30 millions USD


Skyfchain has a huge potentiality , from solving previous transparency problems that old robotics and artificial intelligence forums have encountered, through to the rapid profitability and global scale on which this platform can exist. Cargo robotics, Drones and Artificial Intelligence are all undeniably the future for our global market. SKYFchain is harnessing this potential at an exponentially rapid pace, and with an extremely worthy platform.
If you are seeking a promising ICO for investment purpose then you can participate in the SKYFCHAIN ICO. The project is very well prepared from the technical and business side, with very extensive and transparent whitepapers and roadmap. I find that the project is very potential and worth investing. I will participate in this project to contribute to the development of the platform, I hope that the project will continue to grow, wish the project a nice success !

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