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SkyfChain ensures the development of a robotic, air, sea and land delivery market, as well as the establishment of new standards in the financial, manufacturing, maintenance and security of cargo robots.
The platform is built on a powerful unmanned aerial vehicle that can deliver packages over long distances.


SKYFchain is also a financing solution, as it offers crypto-currency and allows trading between Platform participants and provides financial institutions and individuals with direct access to control over their assets.

What is the difference between SKYF and other drones?The long flight duration, high carrying capacity and production comfort differentiate SKYF from other commercial drones in the industry. Only SKYF uses a gas engine for the elevator and smaller electric propellers for operation. Two large propellers (2.8 m) join an internal combustion engine to provide powerful lift and long travel time. Eight smaller electric motors provide control. SKYF can carry a maximum load of 250 kg (550 lb) for up to 3 hours. It can take 50 kg up to 8 hours with a range of 350 km (220 miles). There is no other remote-controlled aircraft in the sector that resembles this performance.

SKYFchain OP business modelThe main purpose of SKYFchain OPis is to incorporate information for all market players and organize the development of intelligent contracts for transactions. Transactions vary in value and frequency. The platform will charge commissions for each trade, all transactions will be in USD or other fixed currency, but will be processed in the system through SKYFT tokens. SKYFT token will become the internal currency of the platform. Only 1.2 bntokens in Ethereum ERC20 file format will be delivered to the ICO. This is a fixed amount for the whole scheme. We will test the platform with SKYF drones, then train drone suppliers and add other drones to the team. The cargo robots transported by sea and land that come onto the market, we will incorporate and carry out workshops with the corresponding producer associations.





SKYFT tokens are used for all SKYFchain® operations.

  • SKYFT Token
  • Price 1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD
  • Bonus Available
  • Bounty Available
  • Etalites Platform
  • Receive ETH, BTC
  • Minimum investment of 3,000 SKYFT
  • Soft cap 5000000 USD
  • Hardcover 30000000 USD Code list Whitelist / KYC
  • Estonian state


Route Map: 

the design and construction of SKYF drones has attracted $5 million; satisfactory aerodynamic testing; fully autonomous flights Q4 2017

2018 — 2019
development of the private block chain; creation of the international legal structure; sale of the first SKYF guided airliner and extension of the partner network to the regions without strict regulation of cargo guided flights (CIS, Asia, Africa)

2020 — 2022
rapid growth of SKYF drone aircraft sales; inclusion of third party data in the SKYF chain; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets

2023 — 2025
connection of land and sea cargo robots in the system; drones of passengers to be followed.


The Team:




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