SKYFchain: Unmanned logistics operating platform

SKYFchain is an unmanned logistics operation platform for SKYF unmanned aircraft clients. SKYFchain is the first BlockBaseR (Business-to-Robots) -based operating platform. That is, clients will pay SKYFT to use unmanned aerial vehicle to complete various tasks. Many cryptocurrencies DO NOT require token or blockchain technology. SKYFchain aims to solve many problems in the current drone market.
SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) -based blockchain operating platform. This private blockchain system provides independent data exchange and secure payment channels for total robot-centered support logistics. The SKYFChain Operation Platform will be based on private blockhain. This will use the ERC20 compatible protocol for the SKYFT token and build a payment channel for exchange transactions. SKYFchain is unique because it will be designed to exclude humans as an intermediary and will have access to authenticated clients from the industry’s first heavy-duty cargo drone – the SKYF drone, which is already flying. Technically, the main objective of SKYFchain is to integrate important information for all market participants and manage the implementation of smart contracts for transactions. SKYFchain aims to create a new air cargo drone industry and then invite land and sea cargo robots for new business opportunities.
Business Model
These strategic business forms are not currently planned because of human intercession. Soon, robots will have the capacity to destroy themselves, throwing people to control them. This can be imagined because of the progress of IOT, Artificial Intelligent (AI), and autopilot for robot load. This will save you tremendous cash. For your data, the cost in coordination to a large extent is spent on work that can take about half. SKYFchain OP wants to create an action plan that will direct everything from speculation, hazard administration, control, and protection.
Soon, frameworks that link payload robots will evolve, naturally taking over by expansion of the exchange in the working phase. Due to the increasing number of exchanges, the framework will require more tokens with a specific final goal to implement smart contracts. It is believed that customers will use digital money forms or fiat and SKYFT tokens from crypto trading. The organization provides that the exchange of SKYFT can occur in four trades with the aim that liquidity required for stage activities can be established.
The Market of Drones
Why rambles? The right response is easy. As shown by PWC, it is evaluated that the estimated automaton in each appropriate industry has reached 127 billion USD. This exponential business expansion is one of the reasons SKYFchain is fully convinced about business possibilities. Also, the size of the administrative showcase for SKYF rambling in the coordination, foundation, and horticulture divisions was evaluated up to 100 billion USD. Under three years, SKYF automatons will have the capacity to deliver benefits in this business.
Not only will the popularity stem from the previously mentioned efforts, to this day, SKYF has gotten letters of hope from large organizations from various parts, for example, oil and gas and agriculture industries. Monster organizations, for example, NGK, SIBUR Holding PA, Prodimex, Syngenta AG, and many others, will use the rambling administration provided by SKYF. The SKYF stages will welcome more industry members and more members will likely join the complaint request and the absence of the current accessible randomization settings.
What is Skyfchain Roadmap?
From 2014-2017: They design and produce SKYF cargo aircraft withdraw $ 5 million; they test successfully aerodynamic and fully autonomous Q4 2017 flight technology
From 2018-2019: They develop personal blockchain; making the structure of international law; sales of the first SKYF drones and expansion of partner networks into areas without strict regulation of cargo aircraft flights (CIS, Asia, Africa)
From 2020 – 2012: They make plans to increase SKYF drone sales quickly; inclusion of third party drone data into the SKYF chain; lobbying for new regulations in developed markets
From 2023 – 2025: They connect land and sea cargo robots into the system; drone passengers to follow
=> With this long roadmap, we can see that they have a long term plan for this project, it was developed since 2014, and they have their own products and clients, it is very suitable to be applied in the field of logistics especially autonomous flights. This will be the future of logistics and transfer goods. So, for the long term, I think this project is the best choice for investors and shareholders.
This project is still in ICO time, this is a great opportunity for you to invest in SKYFchain before it’s too late, next time I will give you token information and distribution. Hope you guys enjoy and satisfied with my reviews, do not forget to like and follow my channel. Thanks for reading .
Alexander Timofeev -CEO
Maxim Khabur – CMO
Ilya Rodin – GR
Nickolay Kovshov – Leader of IT Developers
Dmitry Arsentyev – Drone development
Valery Krivenko – IR
Marat Sabirov – Design Autopilot
Tarlan Kornilov – Legal partner
Olga Budnik – PR
Nail Zinnurov – Drone Design
Christian Lorentzen – BDO in the US
Katya Bublik – Head of digital marketing
Sergey Shilin – Software Engineer
Alexander Malikov – Software Technician
Michael Terpin – Founder of CoinAgenda
Alexey Arkhipov – Managing partner in QIWI Blockchain technology
Alexander Ivanov – Expert in global business development
Igor Karavaev – ICO’s advisor
ICO sales will be coming soon in May 2018. From the sale, the company can collect some funds. The funds will be used for various purposes related to project development. For example, they will be used in R & D, marketing, operations, and administrative areas. However, the allocation plan of funds may change depending on how much revenue can be earned from the sale.
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