SKYFT ICO: Blockchain Technology is a Unique Opportunity to Setup the Drone Cargo Operating Platform

What is SKYFchain SKYFT?

SKYFchain is a blockchain based financing tool for the cargo robots industry. The SKYFchain operating platform is launched with ICO. It is a shared and proven database of unmanned cargo drones’ and vehicles’ data.
The SKYFchain is also a financial tool which allows transactions to be carried out on the platform through the use of cryptocurrency. It offers individuals and institutions such as banks comprehensive data and substantive control over the assets through use of smart contracts. It seeks to unlock financing for the Cargo Robots industry.

SKYF Drone

SKYF is the world’s first industrial heavy cargo drone and the first cargo drone with the capability of vertical take-off and landing. It can be used in a range of applications with the most popular ones currently being agriculture, logistics and emergency relief.
The SKYF can carry a useful load of up to 400kg and has a flight range of up to 350 km. The SKYF drone is versatile and can be quickly adapted to suit different purposes, national regulations, and climatic conditions.


SKYF Operations

The SKFchain platform will store and verify all data related to drones operation. It will contain a shared distributed ledger that will be a trusted source of the industrial drone data such as the drone specs and maintenance history, pilot and operations license data and mission plan and routes.
It would also act as a verification of the right of operation and route verification before each flight to ensure 100 % safety compliance. SKYFchain has the sole rights for mission planning, verification, and operations support of SKYF drones.


SKYFchain is launching its ICO to distribute the nodes of the SKYFchain. The blockchain node holders would harvest transaction fees. It also aims to collect funds for the development and marketing of the SKYFchain around the globe. Pre-ICO is coming on 1 March 2018.

SKYFchain SKYFT Token

SKYFchain is using the SKYFT token, which is a utility token issued at ICO. There is a fixed amount of 1200000 tokens. The ICO-end price will be 65 USD per 1 SKYFT token. SKYFT is compliant with SEC of the US and Internal currency of the SKYFchain Operating System.
All participants of the SKYFchain crowdsale may become node holders in the SKYFchain. All node holders are entitled to earn 70% of all transaction commissions generated on the SKYFchain Operating Platform.

Roll Out Plans

The Project Roadmap of SKYFchain runs from 2014 – 2025. In 2021, more than 1100 SKYF drones are expected to be operational, and other drones will be added to the system. SKYF intends to develop both licensed manufacturing and franchise business models.

Why You Should Consider Joining SKYFchain

Research conducted by PWC shows the market size for commercial drones is $127 billion. Drones are primarily used for agriculture, construction, transportation, and infrastructure. SKYF’s adaptable design is predicted to address $100b of that total market opportunity.
The market is already showing signs of promising returns with big companies successfully selling commercial drones. Yamaha and DJI are some of the companies already reaping profits from the market.
SKYF is bound to be successful due to its uniqueness from other drones in the market. SKYF has long flight time, heavy carrying capacity and ease of production that is superior to that of any other drone on the market.

How Can SKYFchain SKYFT Be Helpful To You?

SKYF drone is readily adaptable to several application areas. You can use it in agriculture to spray plantations, you can use it in construction to lift construction material, and it can also be used for transportation of materials among many other uses.


2014 –2017
securing $5 mln of VC funding; design and manufacturing of SKYF cargo drones;successful aerodynamic tests; fully autonomous flights Q4 2017.
SKYFchain project spin-off from the SKYF project; research intothe most suitable technology and development of a private blockchainnetwork; Development of logic and data ofthe SKYFchain OPin tight cooperation with all cargo robotics market stakeholders (hardware producers, operators/clients, authorities, banks/leasing companies); creation of the international legal structure; sale of the first assembled SKYF drones and expansion of the partner networkin the regions without strict regulationsondrone flights (CIS, Asia, and Africa).
dissemination of theprivate block chainnetwork nodes among market participants; launch of the with a franchise of a drone logistics operator and a license for third-party drone producers.
rapid growth inSKYF drone sales, as a consequence of expansion of the franchise of a drone logistics operator and growth of number of licensed drone producers around the world; start of educational campaign and workshops for producers of other types of drones.
inclusion of third-party airborne drones into the SKYFchain; lobbying for new regulations in developed marketsthrough industry associations and round-tables.
2023 –2025
inclusion of ground and sea-bornecargo robotsinto the system.

Token info

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO
1 SKYFT = 0.065 USD


Pre-sale 40%
Main sale 30%
Tokens for sale

Investment info

Min. investment: 3000 SKYFT
Accepting: ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO: 44 %
Soft cap: 6000000 USD
Hard cap: 32000000 USD


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