Acquiring a skill is a continuous exercise which requires time and dedication. Opportunity respects skills and then it multiplies itself for the people having great skills. Global skill development initiatives in many countries have proved beneficial for the people given the continuous rise in the technology and society. Skills acquired today may not be used two decades later because of the fast development of the technology. Current demand in the market is for skilled people who are ready to do the latest job. There is a strong demand for better skill validation mechanism which is free from any biases and prejudices.

SKYLLZ is up for the challenge and making every effort to develop a world of transparent skill development, validation and utilisation. They have created an open source SKYLLZ distributed platform which empowers people to acquire, validate and contextualize their skills.

Stapp is the home for the applying and improving your skills. Proof of Skill protocol is utilised for the validation of the skills on the Ethereum blockchain. Their philosophy is based on the merits and skills rather than the resume. They are offering talent branding and providing everyone with an equal opportunity to excel in their chosen field.

Developing the WORKKOLA platform is their attempt to create a new system of getting the job done. How people get work and how a work is assigned to an individual is going to change after the introduction of the open source platform.

Raters are present on the platform which rate the skills based on their merit and they are awarded for their services. I think that they have created a new ecosystem of the skill development and job application. The bridge between the talent and work will be reduced with the features of the SKYLLZ platform.

The world needs a new method of recruitment in which merit is considered to be the main factor and with the help of blockchain technology, it is possible to create a solution for the problems of today’s hiring process.

Evaluating people on their skills is the final answer for getting the job well done. SKYLLZ helps in the development of the key ingredient in the making of an industry, which works on the meritocracy. Humankind has been acquiring skills to survive the test of time and it is the time for adopting the new way to acquire, empower, validate and utilise the skills. The distributed platform with the help of business participation adopting the new hiring system will bring transparency.


The Skyllz Token (SKT):

TheSkyllzToken(SKT),​ an​ ERC-20​compliant​utility token​,enables users to​ access and transact on the SDP.

They serve as units of account that enable users to​ participate and get validations​ of their skills on or ​across any application of the ecosystem.

SKT is a utility token of fixed supply that can be integrated into applications as the transactional layer of value.

The Workkola team, the team behind Skyllz, began designing the future of empowering talent back in February 2015.

As part of their primary mission to change the way talents get access to work and jobs gained access to talent, and to create meaning and solutions that change the game, the Workkola team took further steps to embrace all the possibilities of blockchain technology for the scale and impact of the globe with Skyllz.

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