SKYLLZ – The New Proof Of Skill Protocol

SKYLLZ, a platform developed by the WORKKOLA is implementing the “SKYLLZ DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM”. It is an open source and distributed platform. Validating the skill by utilizing the automated portfolios built by the skills touchpoint Applications or Stapps, SKYLLZ aims to bring the transparent Human Skills Ecosystem to the forefront of the business and people. Utilising Proof of Skill to rate a user registered on the platform, they will build the unique portfolio for each of the users.

Skyllz expects to institutionalize and binds together the approval of each expertise whether it is proficient aptitude or not you get, apply or enhance the Ethereum Blockchain. The group behind Skyllz has been effectively included Workkola, an officially demonstrated ability marking arrangement supplanting CVs with a human-focused arrangement of measurements, approvals and supports in view of hard and delicate aptitudes. This time around the group with Skyllz is intending to empower clients to take an interest, execute, and naturally track their self-improvement uninhibitedly over the applications over the convention (the Skills Touchpoints Applications, STapps).

The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is a distributed and open-source skill validation protocol that enables users to validate and empower skills acquisition, allocation, contextualization and boosting freely within and across Skills Touchpoints Applications (STapps) such as e-learning platforms, networking platforms, portfolio platforms, offline education platforms or any other platform that want to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem.

The protocol sets the standards to create a cross-platform ecosystem where users acquire, apply or improve a skill on any Skill Touchpoint application (STapp) built on top of it.

Users can validate their skills across STapps with Proof-of-Skill (Skyllz reputation) and finance their self-development with Skyllz Tokens.

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger or decentralized database that keeps records of digital transactions.

Rather than having a central administrator like a traditional database,a distributed ledger has a network of replicated databases, synchronized via the Internet and visible to anyone within the network. Blockchain networks can be private with restricted membership similar to

an intranet, or public, like the Internet, accessible to any person in the world. When a digital transaction is carried out, it is grouped together in a cryptographically protected block with other

transactions that have occurred in the last period and sent out to the entire network. Miners(members in the network with high levels of computing power) then compete to validate the transactions by solving complex coded problems.

The Skyllz Token (SKT):

TheSkyllzToken(SKT),​ an​ ERC-20 ​compliant ​utility token​, enables users to​ access and transact on the SDP.

They serve as units of account that enable users to​ participate and get validations​ of their skills on or ​across any application of the ecosystem.

SKT is a utility token of fixed supply that can be integrated into applications as the transactional layer of value.

The Workkola team, the team behind Skyllz, began designing the future of empowering talent back in February 2015.

As part of their primary mission to change the way talents get access to work and jobs gained access to talent, and to create meaning and solutions that change the game, the Workkola team took further steps to embrace all the possibilities of blockchain technology for the scale and impact of the globe with Skyllz.

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