Crypto currency is a digital asset intended to fill in as a medium of trade that utilize cryptography to secure its exchanges, to control the making of extra units, and to check the exchange of benefits. Cryptographic forms of money are a type of computerized monetary standards, elective monetary forms and virtual monetary standards. Digital forms of money utilize decentralized control rather than brought together electronic cash and focal managing an account frameworks. The decentralized control of every digital currency works through a blockchain, which is an open exchange database, working as a disseminated record.

The legitimacy of every cryptocurrency’s coins is given by a blockchain. A blockchain is a persistently growing list of records, called blocks, which are connected and secured utilizing cryptography.


Sleekplay is a new blockchain-based content monetization solution that harnesses the computational power of devices to reward users and profit developers.

Again, Sleek-Play platform is a content monetization system which reinvents the manner virtual content-driven apps are consumed, monetized or distributed. Sleek-Play as a new block-chain powered digital currency platform is designed for long run apps and incentives consumers with rewards for participating device computing power and makes a new stream of profit for apps creators. Long-term apps such as streaming and gaming application as-well-as other apps that connect consumers for hours at a time are major beneficiaries of the Sleek-Play block chain network.

The Problem

Users are continuously bugged by ads downgrading their overall experience and developers have to sacrifice brand equity and customer satisfaction in order to monetize content, without the guarantee to fully tap into the value of every user.

The Solution

Our unique solution harnesses the power of devices through blockchain computing and user engagement time defined as goals, to generate revenue for developers and providers, while also rewarding users for their engagement.


The Benefits

  • Ad Free Experience

Users can experience their favourite applications without ad interruptions.

  • More Revenue Than Ads

As a result of our goal system and incentives, developers earn more per user than with ads.

  • Better User Engagement

Due to the unique Sleekplay goal system & user incentives, users engage more with applications, increasing revenue and conversion metrics.

  • Play & Earn

As users enjoy their favorite streaming apps and games, Sleekplay rewards them with SKP. Accrued SKP can be exchanged for digital goods or cash.

  • Positive Experiences

As mining eliminates the needs for ads, developers can deliver quality services and protect their brand equity.

  • Competitive Edge

Applications integrating with SleekPlay attract more users than the competition,with the allure of earning SKP coins.

Token details



MAXIMUM FOR PRE-ICO – 800,000,000 SKP (12.5%)

PRE-ICO PRICE – 0.008 USD per coin

SOFT CAP – 1,500,000.00 USD

DATE – 14.05.2018 – 00:00 GMT

The Sleekplay Crowdfund:


The Sleekplay pre-ICO will be done in two parts. First, we will have a unique private round which will commence on the 1st April, 23:59 GMT this event and its special rate is held exclusive for individuals contributing 15 ETH and above. These investors will have exclusive access to the entire project, the team and also stand a good chance to join the advisory board for the project. The private round will also offer SKP at its lowest value of $0.002. Our goal in this round is to raise $500,000.00. The second part of the pre-ICO will begin on the 14th May, 2018 at 00.00 GMT.

Main ICO Crowdfund

The main ICO will be announced in June. The main ICO will be run at a set price of $0.01 and once the hard cap is reached, the campaign will end. Any undistributed tokens will go into reserve.

Coin Distribution





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