World’s First Business Networking Solution for Crypto Community

Slothee is a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals and veterans across all fields. It is disheartening to hear about data breaches, privacy issues and user tracking in current social networking applications which makes it hard to be relied upon by business professionals.


Slothee helps you to connect and grow your network that is mutually beneficial, deeper and long lasting.

Whisper V6

Power of blockchain helps our users to be confident that their private chat data is truly private.


Intuitive user interface enables an average Slotheeuser to close a deal easily and to sell or buy using major cryptocurrencies.

The essential points of interest of Blockchain innovation are decentralization, unchanging nature, security, trust and transparency which are the reasons why SLOTHEE has adopted the use of this great technology.

The blockchain innovation considers confirmation without hosting to be subject to third-party services. The information structure in a blockchain is affix as it were. Along these lines, the information can’t be changed or erased. The use of this technology will on SLOTHEE platform will restore hope and transparency into the marketing world

SLOTHEE is a platform for associating organizations without stressing over security issues. SLOTHEE support the development of the organizations by helping them to associate with individuals, boosting business both far and near, encourage private correspondence and transfer value with the assistance of blockchain innovation.

SLOTHEE platform helps in the connection and likewise the development of business network which will be beneficial to all parties involved. As I have explained the importance of blockchain technology to SLOTHEE earlier on, blockchain helps in security the users and customers data through the use of advanced security measures.

Good user interface is another features added by SLOTHEE to its platform. This is to ensure customers and users experienced a smooth trading between the members of the platform.

Other main features of SLOTHEE platform includes: BILLBOARD, CAFÉ and PRIVATE LOBBY which are all an integral part in the development of SLOTHEE project.

SLOTHEE has developed a mobile app which will help users in marketing their products and also finalizing their deals. The apps have lots of benefits such as exchange of tokens, chatting with customers and so on.

SLOTHEE Project has created its own token which will be used in the platform to make marketing easier for its users.


Token Name => SLO

Token Supply => 950,000,000SLO

Token Price => $0.05

Min Contributions => $50

Accepted Currencies => ETH, BTC, BCH or LTC

Pre-Sale => May 10th - May 24th 2019

Crowd Sale => May 25th July 9th 2019


53% Allocated to Token Sale

20% Allocated to Team

10% Allocated to Strategic Partners

10% Allocated to Advisors

5% Allocated to Legal

2% Allocated to Bounty


37% Allocated to Customers Acquisitions

30% Allocated to Integration

25% Allocated to Product Development

8% Allocated to Operations

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