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Hey guys, I have a recommended ico project.

That is Smart Quorum Coin. What a Smart Quorum Coin it is ?? Smart Quorum Coin (SQR) is a masternode based POS cryptocurrency designed for the exponentially growing blockchain market and professional community.

Smart Quorum Coin (SQR) has

● Nearly instant transactions and privacy
● Liquidity due to circulation on the booming blockchain development
● To guarantee the coin’s price growth, the masternodes’ ROI will be
decreased after the Platform launch, making exchanges the main source
of SRQ coins, which, combined with the constant demand for coins will
support the increase in their price.

Business Case
We propose Smart Quorum coin (SQR) as a coin for blockchain development
market, starting its expansion as a medium of exchange in a community-driven
ecosystem of blockchain professionals and clients. The coin is used to obtain a
variety of development and audit services on the Smart Quorum Platform, and
provides an economic incentive to contri bute to blockchain development,
audit and industry expertise.

Smart Quorum Platform offers:

● For businesses: cost-effective and reliable service to get
customized and audited smart contracts and blockchain software
of any level of complexity .
● For developers: marketplace, environment to share expertise and
grow professionally .
● For the blockchain community: ultimate source of knowledge and
blockchain expertise.

Smart Quorum Benefits:

  1. For Business:
  • Choosing the best-fit contractor based on his reputation and portfolio.
  • The security of a smart contract is rated, based on the depth of the audit performed.
  • All-in-one: development and audit, carried out by the community within one platform.

2. For Highly Experienced Developers:

  • Entrance to the market, environment to share expertise and grow professionally
  • Professional support and quality assurance – no need to hire third-party auditors
  • Ability to use the reputation “star points” widgets on third-party websites.

3. For Newbies:

  • The ability to learn and earn contributing to the work of more experienced developers.
  • Opportunity to grow professionally and build reputation with help of more experienced supervisors.

Coin Specification:

Max coin supply: 25.000.000

Premined: 1.000.000

First POS block: 100

Block time: 60 second

Max block size: 3 MB

Staking age: 4 hours

Ticker: SQR

Masternode price: 3000 SQR

1 SQR price: 1 USD

Difficulty retargeting: Every block

Reward Distribution:

0 - 132480 block reward: 4.5 SQR

132480 and higher block reward: 0.2 SQR

This is Masternode guide with Cold-Windows/Mac wallet & Hot Linux VPS:

  • Download wallets for your system;
    Run the wallet executable and copy your SQR address
  • Go to the presale page, paste your SQR address, enter your email and the amount of SQR to purchase. The minimum required amount for a masternode is 3000 SQR. Choose desired crypto (BTC or ETH) to pay and copy the contribution address generated by the system
  • Deposit the crypto from your BTC/ETH wallets to the contribution address
  • When the payment is confirmed by the blockchain refresh your wallet – your SQR will be there!
  • You can always check the status of your payment on the presale page.
  • After getting coins to your wallet run the masternode guide to setup a masternode!
    Well done!

Complete guide if you still do not understand:

Wallets exacutable are available for:

  • Windows 7 and later
  • Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Mac OS, elCapitan 10.3 and later

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