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  • Introducing SMASH Token, Deflation Cryptocurrency with Real Life Use Cases.

I am pleased to introduce SMASH Token, a cryptocurrency based self-deflation on the Ethereum blockchain. SMASH Token’s mission is to become the world’s first deflation token with real life case use. At the same time introducing cryptocurrency deflation that will function both as a store of value and can be easily obtained by anyone, Low entry barrier.

The SMASH core algorithm is designed to ensure that for every transaction made with a token, 2% of the amount transferred is burned. This inbuilt self-destruction process will increase the scarcity of SMASH Tokens as an asset base over time. The developer seeks to provide SMASH as an asset base that will function both as a store of cryptocurrency and a hedge against the inflation situation most often associated with cryptocurrency currently available.



Smash Tokens In addition to solving utility problems in Deflation Tokens, SMASH Tokens aim to develop a Social Platform that will allow interaction between caregivers and supporters, all supported by SMASH Tokens. This platform will function as a decentralized economy that will reduce poverty around the world.

We are developing a Social Platform that will allow interaction between caregivers and supporters, all supported by SMASH Tokens. Cryptocurrency deflation experiments have proven successful so far, so we have decided to take the experiment to the next level, and this time we are building something that will benefit everyone.

We are an alternative social network. Digital platforms (web and applications) with a financially sustainable eco system, functioning as a bridge to ease the burden of poverty around the world.

People who fight patriarchal oppression will find digital solidarity and safe space in Smash tokens. Buying SMASH tokens allows you to be part of a global solidarity network that aims to make the world a healthier and more just place for all humans.

The SMASH token gives you exclusive access to premium app subscription services. When you buy a SMASH token, you provide support to the platform, which, in turn, empowers the entire global network of people whose conditions have been very alarming. For more about services & activities for SMASH token users, please visit the Smash Token Website:

SMASH TOKEN is an original unit of a blockchain network such as Bitcoin. This is a commensurate asset that represents work done in the past in return for utilities; in the case of Bitcoin, the utility secures the network through Proof of Work. Alt (alternative) and also represent various forms of utility (dns name, storage, computing).

Smash tokens will act as a gateway to various digital assets and there are hundreds of digital assets that can form various combinations, which allow investors to adjust their portfolios according to their needs. Users can also invest in other portfolios or make others on the platform invest in their choices.

Tokens are  usually  a scarcity unit in gital that is issued above the existing smart contract blockchains such as Ethereum.

There is a standard interface for Ethereum which represents equivalent tokens (  ERC-20 standard  ). A  standard interface  means that wallsets, exchanges and applications only need to implement one library of code to view and interact with all tokens that use the standard. This increases the speed of development, which leads to faster iteration cycles, better user experience, and increasing cryptoasset adoption by the masses.

SMASH is one of the first deflation crypto currencies. SMASH is a deflationary crypto currency with a difference. The initial supply is 1,000,000 SMASH and with a deflation rate of 2% for each transaction. We have found effective use cases. Cryptocurrency deflation for Charity. We will serve as hope for the poor and needy throughout the world and create a decentralized economy that will together reduce the poverty and deprivation of this world.

The donation feature on the website will allow people to directly contribute to the development of tokens. Handling Our Community

Token and Damage Details

  • Token symbol: SMASH 
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000
  • Platform: Ethereum

Recipient Breakdown:

  • 30% – Airdrop, some 300,000 SMASH Tokens will be available through the airdrop program.
  • 20% – Prizes, 200,000 SMASH tokens will be available through the prize campaign.
  • 20% – List of Investors & Exchange,
  • 20%- of the total supply (200,000 SMASH) will be available to investors and exchange listings.
  • 10% – DApp & Marketing, 100,000 SMASH Tokens will be used for DAPP Development & Marketing.
  • 10% – Team, the Team will allocate 100,000 SMASH Tokens.
  • The tokens team will be locked for 6 months.


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