SMASH Token- becomes the first Deflation Token in the world with a real use case


Even if you don’t know anything about the economy, you should know the concept of inflation. Inflation on the capitalist economy system allows large fish to swallow small fish easily. Prices are constantly increasing, so people can sell their workforce to big companies at much cheaper prices. The price of the labor of normal people also naturally decreases gradually. Smash Token has chosen the inflation side and not the opposite, the DEFLATION side. 2% of the tokens that are present in each process are destroyed by the system. This causes deflation in the number of tokens.


Today’s economic system is an economic system condemned to collapse, which is based on crushing the poor and the poor more and enriching the rich. One day, the big companies, which become unable to sell the products they produce, are rapidly leading to the brutal economic system they have created with them. As people of the modern age, we must begin to change things now. Smash Token can turn into an initial spark to change this economic order that leaves people desperate in years to come. In order to live in a better world, we have to get rid of inflation-based economies and move to a more sustainable economic system that protects people’s rights.

Developed on the basis of deflation, Smash Token distinguishes itself from all economic phenomena and prevents large fish from swallowing small fish easily. I am pleased to introduce SMASH Token, a self-encrypting encryption code based on the ethereum blockchain. The SMASH Token mission is to become the world’s first Deflation Token with a real-life use case. At the same time, introducing a deflationary encryption parasite that will both serve as a value store and easily obtainable by anyone, Low entry barrier.


Smash Token The kernel algorithm is designed to burn 2% of the amount transferred for each process performed with the token. This built-in self-destruction process will increase the shortage of SMASH Token as an asset base over time. The developer appears to be an asset base that will enable SMASH to act as both a repository of the value encryption currency and as a hedge against inflation, which is most often associated with the existing encryption risks. In addition to breaking the problem of service within deflationary tokens, the creator of SMASH Token aims to develop a Social Platform that will allow interaction between carers and supporters, all supported by SMASH Token. The platform will serve as a decentralized economy that will escape poverty and be deprived of this world.

Designed as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, SMASH is manufactured in total of 1,000,000 (one million) units, and a small 10% of the tokens are reserved for the team. 30% is reserved for airdrops, 20% to support exchanges and investors, and another 10% for decentralized applications on Smash Token . (DAPI)

General evaluation:

Smash Token is initiating a change in the crypto world in general by selecting the deflation side. Since the number of tokens will gradually decrease, it is possible to see a positive decomposition in the price band. I will share with you the special links of the project in order to make more detailed investigations about the project. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the project. Yours truly..

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