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Smathium is a blockchain based loyalty platform that aims to solve the main challenges facing traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty gift programs that are supported by a single token. A single loyalty point system that is united in small on / off-line retailers around the world involving everyday life. Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and even shopping centers. Smathium aims to bridge various brands by building a multi-business loyalty award platform that is open to all types of businesses. As an integrated media exchange between users and brands, Smathium tokens can be used for transactions in all businesses registered on our platform and can be traded in exchange.
VISION Smathium 
Smathium Introduces a loyalty platform based on blockchain technology that solves the problems and limitations of current loyalty programs and provokes customers to be more loyal to the brand. through the “SMATHIUM” platform, brands can provide various benefits and services, such as membership in department stores, to customers. and customers can have more opportunities by having integrated and high-quality prizes and benefits

Loyalty Program Problems

Closed structure
  • Customers cannot use
  • Gifts they receive in other brands
Prizes are not enough
  • Prizes incurred are insufficient and
  • Don’t attract interest from customers.
Lack of differentiation
  • Gift program without difference
  • Get customers to leave.

With Smathium it can make us happy, and a blockchain based loyalty platform that can collect points and be used anywhere in the world, why is that because with Smathium there are several benefits that you can get as follows below;

A. Anyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of Membership Like a Department Store

Anyone including the application business and small traders can provide their own unique membership program to customers. Give a different membership program to your loyal customers.

* Examples of the benefits of Smathium in shopping centers

Shopping centers can provide membership benefits that are appropriate for consumer experience rather than providing simple coupons

B. Single Integrated Coin

Customers can receive their gifts in one form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium guarantees legitimate assets for its customers.

C. Benefits that can be traded

Brands participating in the Smathium Platform can buy and sell benefits. The membership program is a new sales channel for large-scale sales for these brands.

Token symbol: SMT
Total shipping: 10 billion SMT
PreICO Price: 1 SMT = $ 0.003
Price in ICO: 0.0060 USD
Average price: 0.01 USD
ROI: 66.67%
Pre-ICO BONUS: 50% discount
ICO as IEO: 10% discount
Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000
Minimum investment: $ 10
Accept: ETH, TrueUSD, USD Coins, Paxos Standard, Dai
Distributed in ICO: 40%
Token distribution 
Smathium Team:
Chianggeom Kim – Planning Manager
Bungjin Kim – Director General
Jejong Kim – Project Manager
I’m Park – financial manager
Joseph Hyun-Team Leader
Ji Joo – Chief Blockchain Officer
Hyun Jung Choi – Research & Development Manager
Byung-Jin Choi – Legal Manager
Jongkyung Park – Security System
Seungjae Shin-CEO
Yoon Suk Lee, Project Consultant
Du Yun Yung, Project Consultant
Jonathan Hong Technical Consultant
Xiao Yun Fang, project consultant
Ki Won Kwon Project Consultant
Project Manager Hwangho Lee
Nathan Kisung Khong, Project Consultant
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LordUdin link:;u=2579436
address Ethereum: 0xA46f84799AE03bfe807145631fA818507D2d5664

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