SMATHIUM is the intended stage for buyers to recover their prizes. This is unshakable B2B2C stage based on blockchain innovation. This is an open door for retailers and buyers to connect with the fortune of the executive stage with the aim that every meeting can profit wisely. Computer-based intelligence-based investigations are considered to expand the level of organizational change and supply. They make price-based businesses for retailers and buyers dependent on cryptographic money.

Blockchain is developing exponential pace and more and more people are interested in contributing and taking part in the dynamic. This framework is a unique framework that is different from the conventional framework that has procedures for connection between and between individuals very severe.


SMATHIUM is the stage of blockchain-based fortitude to overcome difficulties that help ordinary dedication programs. A decentralized application (dApp) thanks to their own loyalty which are supported by their own tokens. The solitary point of dedication framework that joins small on / disconnected retailers around the world who talk about everyday existence regularly. Bistro, restaurant, market and mall!

Studies show clients choose programs that are unshakeable, they hate them indefinitely. The review by CodeBroker shows that 54% of clients choose their Prize dependency program. The reason why it only reduces contrast and certainty gives only limited benefits. In addition, carrying out a solid service compensation program to spend a large part on big business.

While residents, for example, small and medium-sized organizations, they cannot. Smathium is available to various organizations. At the core, this is the long-term goal of incentives for clients to serve today.

VISION Smathium

Smathium Introduces a loyalty platform supported by blockchain technology that is a problem for unemployed programs and customers to be loyal to the complete. through the “SMATHIUM” platform, the brand will provide a variety of services and services, a membership of a trading business, to buyers and buyers, will have more opportunities to have integrated and high quality points and prizes.


Smathium building programs are often applied in various loyalty and membership programs. it also provides one system by integrating many points and edges separated in different brands.

Token Info

• Token Name: SMT

• Platform: Ethereum

• Type: ERC20

• PreICO: price1 SMT = 0.003 USD

• Prices at ICO: 0.0060 USD

• Average price: 0.01 USD

• Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000


Partners in this project are a must. there are benefits obtained by both. of course, it helps to show the seriousness of broadcasting the project to all people around the world. here is a list of the trusted partners of SMATHIUM. they are welcomed by the extraordinary ideas behind SMATHIUM. they are BLOCORE, UNITY, MOBAIR, RANKEY and many more (there are ways to mention the booking partners).

THE ROADMAP Shows great goals to be achieved!

Winning projects usually have goals to be achieved. These points can be read easily on a road map to track any progress that will be passed on the project. easily displayed on a road map to track project progress. As you can see below, the Smathium project roadmap looks very clear and informative. the team has detailed details of the large number of tasks that must be completed and completed. only seen a really promising roadmap.


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