Smathium Introduces a loyalty platform based on blockchain technology

A blockchain technology has been combined with the loyalty program, which induces re-purchasing of customers through saving mileage. SMATHIUM, an integrated loyalty program based on the blockchain technology, is a program that has been developed by connecting the unique characteristics of blockchain that are decentralization, dispersibility, and security to the loyalty program so that it can be applied in various fields.A method for inducing repurchasing of customers by saving mileage for a certain amount of the purchasing price has been an important marketing strategy of many companies.

Especially, due to the development of the recent mobile market, many kinds of loyalty programs are introduced that can be applied both online and offline. However, the overflow of loyalty programs caused some side effects, that is, each program has lost its unique features and the users’ fatigue has increased as well. Some chronic problems including the difficulty of saving points, lack of places to use the scattered points, depreciation of the rewarding points still remain.

In such a situation, SMATHIUM pursues a service where the participants can satisfy and share benefits by overcoming the problems and limitations of the existing market by applying blockchain technology. The application of blockchain technology allows integrated management and security of places for using points, and prevention of the points value depreciation.

SMATHIUM has integrated the reward points to the SMATHIUM infra that were separately provided by the existing loyalty program. Thus, the different reward points from each platform that forms a partnership with SMATHIUM can be exchanged into a SMATHIUM token. Such open-type reward structure integrates neglected reward systems from the closed structure as a single token system so that it can protect the rights and values of customers at any time, at any place. By applying the blockchain technology, transparent token transfers and transactions will be possible and this can enhance the brand loyalty of customers by sharing the benefits among the affiliated stores.

With point saving and vitalization of using points, SMATHIUM provides news and the loyalty service app that customers can participate. Along with the self-loyalty program services, by having a partnership with the existing online and offline loyalty programs, it plans to offer high value rewarding points so that the blockchain technology can be easily experienced and used in daily life and customized services.

Meanwhile, SMATHIUM has been drawing lots of attention by receiving the perfect score (5 out of 5) in the List ICO that is a widely known ICO evaluation site and receiving 4.5 out of 5 from the ICO bench. Also, it plans to conduct the ICO soon.

VISION Smathium

Smathium Introduces a loyalty platform based on blockchain technology that solves problems and supports current program loyalty and provokes customers to be more loyal to the brand. through the “SMATHIUM” platform, brands can provide various benefits and services, such as associations in department stores, to customers. and the benefits obtained more than the amount offered with benefits and benefits are adjusted and of high quality.

  1. Open Prize Structure
  2. Enough Gift System and Difference
  3. Continuous marketing and the influence of sales is increasing
  4. Enhancing Security and Transparency by Combining Blockchain Technology


The Smathium Platform platform builds a platform that can be used in various programs and loyalty. it also provides a system with a combination of several points and benefits that complement the deffrent brand.

1. Loyalty Program Problems 

2. Closed Structure

3. Customers cannot not use

4. The prize they received in another brand

5. Insufficient prizes

6. The prizes given are insufficient 

7. Don’t attract interest from customers

8. Lack of Differentiation

9. Gift program without difference

10. Make customers go away. 


Single Integrated Coin

Customers can receive their gifts in one form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium receives legitimate assets for its customers.

Estimated Benefits

Brands purchased on the Smathium Platform can buy and sell benefits. The Association Program is a new sales channel for large-scale sales for these brands.


Token Info

1. Token Name: SMT

2. Platform: Ethereum

3. Type: ERC20

4. PreICO: price1 SMT = 0,003 USD

5. Price in ICO: 0.0060 USD

6. Average price: 0.01 USD


1. pre-ICO: 50% discount

2. ICO as IEO: 10% discount

3. Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000

Investment info

1. Min. investment: 10 USD

2. Receive: ETH

3. Distributed in ICO: 40%

Token Distribution


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