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Among the many blockchain projects launched today, only a few have significant economic value. The problem is that most focus on increasing funding through ICO rather than product development. SMATHIUM understands the market better considering that most of its team members are highly skilled and experienced professionals in designing and implementing loyalty reward programs. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, we can confidently say that we understand the challenges of this industry and are best suited to offer blockchain-based solutions. SMATHIUM is a blockchain based loyalty platform

SMATHIUM  is a blockchain based loyalty platform aimed at overcoming challenges that support traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty gift programs that are supported by a single token. A single loyalty point system that unites in small on / off-line retailers around the world that discuss everyday life. Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and even shopping centers!

Studies show customers choose loyalty programs, they don’t enjoy them to the fullest. A survey by CodeBroker shows 54% of customers choose their loyalty Rewards program. The reasons why only reduce differences and the facts provided only provide limited benefits. Also, implementing a strong loyalty reward program to spend a large part on big business.

While incumbents such as department stores and companies provide programs provided by small and medium-sized companies, they cannot. Smathium is challenging to bridge this foundation by building a multi-business loyalty award platform that is open to all types of businesses. At the heart platform of this is the goal of long-term value for customers to serve short-term.

Think of our solution as a Decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can make their loyalty gift programs supported by a single token. This token can be used for transactions in all businesses registered on our platform and can be traded on the exchange. Smathium’s goal is to create a dApp where brands can connect existing loyalty programs with the blockchain network. All transactions in our ecosystem are facilitated through high school tokens which are our official cryptocurrency.

Smathium launches a loyalty platform based on the blockchain technology that addresses the issues and limitations of current loyalty programs and motivates customers for brand loyalty. Through the “SMATHIUM” platform, brands can offer various benefits and services to customers, such as members of department stores. Customers get more opportunities by offering prize points and comprehensive, high-quality offers.


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The Smathium Network

Everyone is opened to membership benefit of Smathium Platform just like the regular departmental stores..Small merchants can present their membership programs to their various customers. Smathium enable the provision of different type of membership prorams to their various customers.. It depends on which type of membership a particular customers wants to have.Single Unified Coins within the Platform :Customers within the Smathium Network receive their various rewards in a single cryptocurrency . This is the native Coin of the Platform .

Trad-able Benefits Brands who participated in Smathium Platform can trade their various benefits on their own discretion.


Token Economy






With the use of Blockchain technology , high valued loyalties and membership is easily made available to everyone , thereby creating a huge ecosystem which can ben intergrated into a single unified coin .The Team of Smartium are Skilled and Expirience with decades of expirience in various fields of life. Based on their long term expirience in e-commerce sector , they are building a projects that will reach the mainstream through Blockchain and lots of partnership on the way.



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