The sincere desire of merchants is to see their businesses grow continuously and make clients lock up with them and the services they give. This is what all owners of a business seek but many has not mastered how they can make that possible. Generally in the traditional system, what they do is incentivize those who come to patronize them and it worked because as a customer of a product, if I get rewarded for visiting a shop and getting what i want, then what will hold me back from going there next time? In our modern age, this particular demonstration is called loyalty and there is a way it should be done to come about effectiveness in using it. So far, this strategy has not been stable, and it has not been effective when use. Now there is a way to revive businesses and sustain customer relationship with merchants which is through the intervention of SMATHIUM.

The financiaI cost associated with running the loyalty services is quite much to bear for some entities that are just emerging or starting out and so it is hard to sustain when started. Smathium is a project that is capable of handling the loyalty service and then solving the existing challenges with it. In the past this process was handled by the centralised authorities that couldn’t sustain the program and shield merchants from the problems that now come from it. This project brings a decentraliized approach of making thing better and this approach will go along with in solving the present problems. This platform would make many businesses able to create and sustain their personal loyalties for their customers in very much easier and comfortable way using the token and the other tools that it provides, then they will function remarkably both offline and online. Smathium however doesn’t segregates in its way of working, it will perform the same role and give advantages to different kinds of stores no matter what is being sold or exchanged in them because it has that as its primary objective which it is never going to go against. It is not enough to give loyalties to those who come to purchase from the merchants, what matters is the satisfaction of the customers these loyalties are given to. And so far so good, customer satisfaction haven’t been attained up to a reasonable level. However, some entities are even fund of not fulfilling their promises of rewards to clients and this reduces trust in such system. Smathium handles the full responsibility of the reward givings and supply entities with enough capital needed to make that possible.

Unlike the small scale businesses whose income is not as high as that of the higher enterprises, these small ones are not able to sustain loyalty services but those bigger ones are able to do so in a much more sustainable way. Smathium duty here will be to support the smaller ones in the loyalty services and those bigger ones will be monitored to ensure that they provide perfect services to customers. The services of a the businesses that subscribes to Smathium and support them to have a great relationship with their customers.
This project uses a decentralise application to provide its services and it allows many businesses to have the loyalty system integrated into them through a single token. Transparent transactions are carried out in the ecosystem and there is easy accessibility. Many brands are able to connect with their customers while trading is done through the SMT token. The loyalty structure is backed by the strength of the blockchain.

All the interested merchants are first allowed to subscribe for a membership plans so they can get started and their store can be registered onces. This platform have all kinds of membership programs which merchants can have and pass on to their customers when they come patronizing. This helps merchants to satisfy their clients the exact way they want to be satisfied with the reward points that can be converted into the unified coin in the ecosystem.

This token is the native coin of the Smathium platform for both customers and merchants to exchange services. It can be stored in wallets online or offline and it is what makes anyone participates in any program in the ecosystem. Users can choose to convert the token in any exchange of their choice in case there is a need for them to use other types of coins.
Token symbol: SMT
Tpe: ERC20
Total supply: 10 Billion SMT
PreICO price: 1 SMT = 0.003 USD
Price in ICO: 0.0060 USD
Average price: 0.01 USD

This platform has done quite so much to improve the business world and thw values that holds the industry. The team will definitely be proud of how this project will turn out to be the savior of many businesses of which merchants will be a part of the beneficiaries.

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