A safe and transparent transaction is a future dream for everyone. The community has sufficient understanding of the need for protection of personal data, due to a large number of cases that misuse personal data for crime and other things. And behind that, the community also needs transparency to cause peace in each transaction.

Smilo is a hybrid blockchain platform that guarantees transparency while protecting individual personal data. Smilo uses a blockchain technology base where it can maintain the privacy of each individual’s data while ensuring full transparency of the organizations that interact with each individual. Smilo identifies the need for a hybrid blockchain platform. Provide this public entity with the right tools.

Smilo puts heartfelt service on every user, so it’s called a hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience, this is because:

Full features
Can facilitate hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts and hybrid decentralized applications – with ‘hybrids’ that refer to the public and private
Our vision is to facilitate a culture of transparency by making collective data irreversible and publicly available, whilst protecting personal data.

This will significantly limit the chance of corruption whilst simultaneously acknowledging the need to protect the individual’s data. A decline of middle men will occur due to the irreversible nature of Smilo’s user-friendly hybrid smart contracts.

The combination of public and private transactions on one blockchain platform, based on the Smilo Network Protocol in combination with the Smilo BFT+ consensus mechanism, defines Smilo as a hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience.

Our mission is to create an environment in which the consumer’s need for privacy and security will be aligned with the processes of governments, NGOs, financial institutions and corporations. This will be accomplished by warranting full accountability and transparency from corporations, whilst safeguarding the consumer’s needs.

This environment will be hosted on Smilo’s decentralised, secure, fast, and sustainable hybrid blockchain platform. Not to mention, Smilo will make their source code publicly available, meaning that future blockchains, organisations and their applications can apply it to their specific needs.
Smilo uses The Byzantine Fault Tolerance Plus (BFT +) , BFT is the same as Proof of Stake (PoS) faster and more efficient, but both were not perfect. The standard BFT and PoS mechanism is not the safest consensus mechanism. For this, Smilo has improved the standard BFT mechanism by creating a unique Smilo BFT + consensus mechanism. The mechanism is fully safe, measurable, fast, and sustainable transactions. So that with this Smilo has many advantages including:

Transparent : Users can monitor transactions more transparently, By using this technology
Anti Corruption : With transparency, it can minimize or even eliminate acts of corruption in each transaction
Sustainable : Green blockchain platform via Smilo BFT + protocol.
Privacy protection : Through smart contracts and hybrid transactions
Secure : Smilo’s BFT + offers better security than the previous mechanism.
Fast and Scalable : This platform will be 100 times faster than ethereum or other platforms
Affordable : Smilo provides transactions with a much cheaper fee

some examples of Smilo platform usage cases are:

Smilo facilitates a safe and private election or referendum, ruling out post-election influence.
Facilitate donations and ensure anonymous donors that money will be spent in a respectable manner.
Individual medical records are owned and managed by themselves and shared with medical institutions and insurance companies on request.
There will be two types of tokens that move the network in this platform:

Smilo (symbol abbreviated: XSM) : generated by the Smilodon block – the first block of the blockchain, is a representation of the shares held by the user,
SmiloPay (symbol abbreviated: XSP) : generated every block following the Smilodon block, is a medium to pay for the Smilo network service and maintenance fees
By having Smilo token holders have rights to receive dividends in the form of SmiloPay tokens.

This token represents the user’s ability to influence the evolution of the Smilo network. Each Smilo token is counted as sound, so the more Smilo tokens you have, the more influence you will get on the evolution of the Smilo ecosystem.

Smilo token holders have the following privileges:

Receiving SmiloPay
Voting for changes in network parameters
Change the cost price of Tx
Change the price of the implementation of a smart contract
Change the cost price of implementing a smart contract
Each block of the Smilo blockchain produces twenty SmiloPay tokens, which will be distributed among Smilo holders. The number of SmiloPay per block will decrease slowly, because there are only 200 million SmiloPay tokens,
SmiloPay Tokens are used to pay for Smilo network services and maintenance fees. Used as a service fee to register or change assets. This service fee will then be distributed proportionally to all Smilo owners, which means that SmiloPay will be circulated through the system.

Initially, there will be no direct transaction fees to use the network and all token holders will receive a maximum amount of SmiloPay per block. SmiloPay Token will be generated with each new block made to the equivalent of the total number of Smilo tokens in circulation, to 200 million. Each block can produce 20 Smilopay, and this token will be distributed proportionally between Smilo holders. And after the first millions of Smilo blocks are generated, SmiloPay prizes will decrease a little. After the SmiloPay token stamp reaches 200 million, the blocks will stop producing SmiloPay tokens. This is intended to keep transaction costs low to lead to more Smilo users, which in turn leads to more registered assets and transactions, and thus generates more costs paid to the node. Having a Smilo token is the same as a lifetime membership for using the Smilo network ‘free’
Token: Smilo
Platform: Smilo
Type: Smilo
Total supply: 200,000,000 XSM
Price in ICO: 1 Smilo = 0.25 USD
Tokens for sale: 84,960,000

Between 0% and 50% depending on the sale, investment amount and the vesting period
roadmap-circleQ1 2017

Idea from Elkan Roelen (founder)
roadmap-circleQ2 2017

Forming Smilo’s team
First written foundations
roadmap-circleQ3 2017

Start prototype development
Research of different network protocols
and consensus algorithms
roadmap-circleQ4 2017

Whitepaper development
First partnerships
Prototype development:
Implementation of blocks, transactions
and verifications
Q1 2018roadmap-circle

Website launch
Official BV registration
Opening community channels
Prototype development implementation of:
Smilo BFT+ with SPoRT
Private transactions
Q2 2018roadmap-circle
Private sale
Prototype development:
Implementation of light wallet
Open-source prototype on Github
Starting development of:
Smilo SDK
Q3 2018roadmap-circle
Private pre-sale
Starting testnet development
Starting hardware wallet development
Q4 2018roadmap-circle

Testnet launch
Light wallet launch
roadmap-circleQ1 2019
Community-driven performance tests
Consult and help partners with first Dapps
Start development of Smilo’s secret Dapp
roadmap-circleQ2 2019

Public sale
Mainnet launch
SmiloContract development
Implementing new languages
Language choice based on
community votes
Mainnet launch event
Token Distribution
Exchange listing
roadmap-circleQ3 2019
Hardware wallet launch
First DevCon Smilo developers
Multiple Dapp launches by partners
roadmap-circleQ4 2019

Start DEX development

Extend Improved Sharding
Multiple hardware wallet support
Self sovereign identity

Off-Chain transactions

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