Today blockchain technology is being developed and implemented in many areas of people’s lives and mainly platforms with highly specialized areas are being created, which are only closed or, on the contrary, only public. The advantages of course prevail, but gradually there is a need for a combination of openness of access to information of anyone and at the same time only certain persons.

Ethereum has provided excellent and affordable tools for creating smart contracts on its blockchain, but periodically creates network congestion and delays transactions, increasing the waiting time. Therefore, the emergence of a decentralized platform with a hybrid component will be natural, which will allow even more enterprises to work on the blockchain.

And this situation still did not give the opportunity to integrate the technology of the distributed register in the following areas of life as insurance, social financing, medicine, tracking products. And the solution to this problem took a project called Smilo.
Smilo is creating a decentralized hybrid blockchain platform that will help users to securely store personal data and at the same time transparently track public data. Smilo includes hybrid smart contracts and decentralized applications with a combination of publicity and privacy.

Due to this hybridization has compared to Ethereum transfer speed up to 100 times higher by using a network protocol Smilo BFT+. It is this technology that will be useful and necessary for making donations from anonymous people and tracing their personal funds for real needs of organizations and people.

This platform will increase the number of interactions between organizations and people, ensuring on the one hand transparency, and on the other – reliable storage of personal data. This will reduce corruption, fraud, forgery of documents, will increase the donation to charity will enable us to hold fair elections.
The team consists of experienced people from various fields of business and conducts token sale from November 2018 to February 2019. The idea is very ambitious and has the right to successful development, as even many state organizations are already moving to the digitization of data, freeing themselves from paperwork. Smilo will greatly facilitate the process of performing various operations in one place, the user will choose what information to make public or private.

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