In this new age, everything about our life can be accessed on the social media networks. According to, it was stated that about 121 million new users were added to the social media network between Q2 2017 and Q3 2017 and this statistic shows how successful social media has become today.

However, has released the amount lost to the scammers via social media, and the amount is stated to be $64.5 million and 70% percent of the funds lost is via Facebook. Now, let’s think about the lives, properties, happiness that must have been lost due to this heartless act. As a result of this, social chains has come to stop this dubious act.


SOCIAL CHAINS is a Texas Corporation and is releasing ERC20 token called SOCT using Ethereum smart contracts.  The crowd sale has two rounds of Pre- ICO, and ICO. Public Ethereum is used to publish the tokens after the close of the sale.

Social Chains is a user-driven social platform with a focus on providing safe digital neighborhoods to the community. We care about our safety and privacy. Businesses can promote their products and services confidently to a pool of verified and trusted users.

The platform distributes social wealth to the community. Also, users get full access to the Contact Relationship App (CRA) to send and track touch points (Emails and Calendaring) with their contacts on the platform. The App is accessible through web and smartphones with the ability to link the user’s email account. On the other hand, businesses can now directly promote and approach potential clients on the platform.


Users on the social media platform is currently not fully verified. This leads to the spread of false information and fake accounts, which resulted in a lack of trust between the user and marketing spending that is not efficient by the business.Further, a social media platform that there is benefit mainly from the mine of information from their users without obvious financial benefits to the user.


Chain Social verify all users outside of the verification process typical – requires identification issued by the state. We effectively offer a social environment where all users can be sure that they interact with people and real business.As a reward to join and use, users earn tokens, points, and can share the profits of the company – thus participating in the distribution of social wealth created in the platform.

Why is Social Chains Using Blockchain?

We are using blockchain to put users in charge of their data and do away with centralized intermediaries that profit from user data. Social Chains as a blockchain app empowers users to derive, drive and monetize their data.

Social Chains is a first attempt ever made to provide an opportunity to the mainstream to make internet money. Blockchain offered us the tools to build such a user-driven decentralized social media app. We will use a hybrid of public and private blockchain for privacy and flexibility.

Detail ICO

Social Chains are a Company of Texas and released a token ERC20 called SOCT using contract smart Ethereum. Mass sales of Pre-ICO, and the ICO round. Public Ethereum is used for issuing the token after the closing of the sale.

The Price Of Tokens
1.00 USD (100 Cent)
The Currencies Accepted
The Protocol Of The Project
The NAME of the TOKEN: the Token Chain Social
SUPPLY 50MM Initial SalesRelated article : Social chains – the Social Media Platform Decentralized from a Verified User

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Token distribution : 


It is extremely pertinent to note that, the team members are highly experienced and have shown great devotion to attain the project aim of Socialchains. See preview below :

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