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Sonata was created in collaboration with experienced exchange brokers and Forex analytics.
Our products are built with security as the highest priority. All coins are stored safely in the latest hardware wallet. The easy-to-use Sonata interface is suitable for beginners and expert brokers. It’s packed with advanced functionality, including custom AI price predictions. We know our customers like social interaction and so do we. Use the full potential of chat rooms on the platform and learn directly from expert brokers.


We have created an interesting way to reward our users both short and long term

1  Costs returned to investors

We will have lower costs than most exchanges on the market. In addition, if you participate in our coin offer, you can receive passive income from exchange fees. 
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Trading fees

Exchange fees
80% for investors  (owners of SONT tokens)


20% to  (platform development)

2  Income from margin trading

Even cryptocurrency holders can double their investment with Sonata. The platform will offer margin trading based on market-driven interest rates. Smart automatic pairing and closing algorithms are ready to secure both sides of the contract. 
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Trading fees

Loan interest

80% for investors  (owners of SONT tokens)


20% to  (platform development)



Everything you need from a reliable adult platform
icon - Perfect security

Perfect security

We are committed to securing all your investments at various levels. You can focus on your business without worry.


icon - Build to perform

Built to do

Our designers have spent hours analyzing the experience of professional broker users to build a truly hassle-free interface.


icon - prediction of AI

AI prediction

Sonata uses real-time market data and sophisticated AI algorithms to predict future price trends. This offers a great start for beginners.

icon - Margin trading

Margin trading

Margin (leverage) trading is an expert tool used to increase order income. Lenders are rewarded with interest.


icon - Element social network

Element of social network

Take part in the rumor of cryptocurrency trading. Join the room, send tips to other brokers or learn from experts.


Friendly API icon

Friendly API

Sonata will provide a fully documented API that can be documented for your robot and other applications.



The most important development milestone
Q2 2015

First cryptocurrency investment. We are looking for a single exchange platform that meets all our expectations. We failed to find one.


Q3 2015

We enjoy cryptocurrency trading and we see great potential in this field. We are thinking of ways to enter the cryptocurrency market with new products.


Q4 2016

The idea was born: Sonata will be a cryptocurrency platform designed for exchanges, stock trading, P2P loans and maybe even more.


Q3 2017

We form a team of designers, developers, marketers, and specialists in the field of stock market analysis.



Meet the team behind the product
Eduard Sedlmajer
CEO, investor
Jakub Langr
Project Director
Radim Bastan
Public Relations Manager
Jan Sedlacek
Leading backend programmer
David Stuller
Leading frontend programmer
Martin Bus
Senior designer
Petr Polanka
Vitezslav Hungr
Executive Strategy Expert
Jaroslav Cehovsky
Security Expert
Petr Nemecek
Blockchain Expert
Silvie Odehnalova
Marketing and Communication
Renata Hadravova
Marketing and Public Relations



External foreign markets and ICO experts
Tomas Horak
Exchange currencies
Martin Bocanek
Exchange analyst

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