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The Problem

Exchange is one of the main points in the cryptocurrency or crypto industry. After crypto completes a series of sales, crypto will register their crypto on the exchange. This is an important step for every crypto because the exchange provides an opportunity for people to buy crypto for use and as a market to determine crypto prices.

Based on coinmarketcap, there are currently 2089 cryptos with a total market cap of 136B USD. So it is not surprising if an exchange has a volume of up to 700M USD per day. Imagine if an exchange does not only offer some of the most common cryptos and offers traditional trade such as forex or commodities, how much would that be?

Handling hundreds of million USD every day makes many exchanges experience problems with stability and security. On the other hand, many exchanges are not able to provide satisfaction to users. Just only to be registered on the exchange, the user must go through a long registration process, then limited by the transaction limit. In addition, the exchange interface makes it difficult for users to trade, too many tools that are useless and even difficult for experts.

The Solution

Sonata is a crypto exchange supported by Solidni Finance, a.s which is built to solve the problems that are currently experienced by most crypto exchanges. Sonata will be available on both the web and Android or iOS. Here are the features of the Sonata:

1. Security

Sonata users don’t need to worry about the money in Sonata because Sonata was built with security in mind. The Sonata provides several layers of security, including unmatched server-side security, hardware wallet storage, and premium protection against phishing and DDoS attacks.

2. User Interface

app preview

The Sonata interface is based on an analysis of the experience of a professional broker, so the Sonata interface will meet the needs of the majority of users and distraction-free. In the future, Sonata will provide a user interface that can be adjusted to meet the needs of users.

Try demo:

3. AI Prediction

Sonata will help users predict price trends in the future by using real-time market data and AI algorithms, which have been consulted with AI experts that make short-term prediction work models for spot gold prices.

4. Social Elements

Sonata plans to build a better community by displaying group chats to share knowledge and experience, communicate with others, ask for help, or share solutions. User profiles are highlighted by colours and symbols based on volume and trading success.

5. Friendly API

Sonata provides a customizable API that is fully documented for robots and other applications, for example, users of long-term strategies will be able to adjust their own notifications, trading orders, limits, etc.

Sonata Token

Token symbol: SONT

Token standard: ERC-20

Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens

Tokens for sale 250,000,000 tokens

1 ETH = 1,497 SONT

Hard cap: 21M USD

Sonata Team

For more information, visit the Sonata website and read the whitepaper.





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