Soundeon -block music and decentralized multimedia platform

Soundeon is a decentralized block of music and multimedia platform built on the Soundeon ecosystem – a protocol for modern media. Soundeon Company is a consortium of block experts, artists, software developers, intellectual property professionals, and media leaders who build business in the media industry.

Soundeon helps artists regain control of their work, monetize their talents. Because the music industry is struggling to solve issues related to digital rights management for music and in real time, Soundeon is a step-by-step approach to use.

Block technologies, such as self-run independent contracts and unchanging computing technologies, enable Soundeon to create a functional, stable, secure, and adaptive environment to solve practical problems in digital media and tickets. This platform covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creations and copyrights of the re-sale of existing and future music asset contracts, concert organizations and ticket sales.

Soundeon uses a multi-disciplinary approach to eliminate the inefficient and old market practices that adversely affect artists and fans.

According to the leading economy in the music industry Will Page, global music copyrights generate $ 24.4 billion in revenue by 2015, it is $ 10 billion more than IFPI’s frequently quoted numbers that largely exclude publishing and song revenues. In addition, direct tickets in 2017 earned $ 32.0 billion in primary sales and $ 9.8 billion in resale. Both ticket segments grew at a 5 year CAGR of 14 and 19 percent with respect. Overall, music and ticket recordings represent market opportunities of $ 66.2 billion.


It is projected that this market will maintain steady growth over the next five years. Despite the growing opportunities, musicians only see a fraction of the revenue. Inherited market practices combined with narrower margins make the lack of legal protection for artists in the digital age.

In addition, the music industry is hard to navigate, which makes it inaccessible to most musicians. At the same time, they should seek recognition from music producers, managers, record labels, and concert promoters who only partially answer the needs of the artists.

Resale tickets (ticket sales at very high prices) are another common problem in the music industry. It damages both the fans and the locals, but the artist ends up receiving the biggest financial blow that definitely endangers his environment.

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