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About Soundeon
Music can not be separated from human life, even life without the music will feel empty. But have you ever thought if music will be transformed and more advanced with the presence of blockchain technology? Soundeon has answered it, Seoweon has the ideals to change the world of music industry become more advanced and more easily accessible by artists and music lovers around the world. If you are curious about the soundeon please listen to the following article to complete.
Organizing music in the world is so difficult that it can not be accessed by musicians. The musicians usually still have to seek recognition from music producers, managers, record labels and promoters. That old way will feel saturated and heavier and it’s time to go ahead and update the world’s game system with the use of blockchain.
Soundeon is a decentralized and vertically integrated music platform which can cover all aspects of the music industry such as the creation and copyright of works by musicians from work to resale. The progress used in blockchain also enables soundeons to develop a creative smart contract which is the backbone of this platform. Using smart contracts can also enhance justice, transparency and trust even that the media industry does not have today
Soundeon Mission
The mission of soundeon is to discover more talent as well as to empower the creators to control the work with the development of smart contract rights with blockhain-based management that is fair, unchanging and transparent so as to strengthen the relationship between artists and music fans alike.
Soundeon Vision
The vision of soundeon is to create the best music entertainment experience by bringing transparency and innovation to the music industry. Success depends only on the achievements of musicians and music creators can also become more focused in producing their music
Solutions and problems
  • The music industry is hard to navigate, which makes it inaccessible to most musicians. They should seek recognition from music producers, managers, record labels, and concert promoters who only partially answer the needs of the artist.
  • The old ways of losing their taste in a changing world and the music industry need new solutions as well. The kind that can guarantee equal opportunity for all.
  • Soundeon – a decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From creations and copyrights works to resell contracts of both existing and future music assets, to concert organizations and ticket sales.
  • Progress in blockchain computing enables us to develop Creative Smart Contracts (CSC) ™, an independent media self-execution rights agreement that is the backbone for our platform. Information symmetry, conservation and agility from the easy use of CSC ™ essentially enhances fairness, transparency and trust, which the media industry does not have.
Soundeon Technology
By using highly exclusive technology, the soundeon protocol can solve problems that did not exist before, and the following layers of the soundeon platform :
  • Music Token Sale
Empowering artist to finance their creative visions through the support of their fans via Creative Smart Contract token sales. Backers become engaged stakeholder’s in their artist’s success story.
  • Soundeon Exchange
Tokenization tool and a decentralized IP exchange where anyone can buy or sell revenue generating royalty streams and build up diversified portfolios.
  • Soundeon Monitor
Blockchain-based royalty data aggregator and analytics that allows artists and fans track earnings from all royalty streams and other revenues, including ticketing income.
  • Soundeon Player
Music streamer that leverages decentralized ledger for immutable and transparent royalty collection and fan-centric loyalty mechanism.
  • Soundeon Tix
Soundeon’s smart ticketing platform utilizes dynamic QR codes and Creative Smart Contracts to eliminate scalping, fraud and empower organizers to control, both the primary and secondary ticketing market. Natively integrated within the Soundeon environment and loyalty mechanisms
  • Soundeon Monitor
A royalty data collection tool from soundeon and third party providers. With good analytical data let alone already integrated with all aspects of artists such as copyright, royalty collection and ticket sales
  • Blockchain Streaming Player
Discover new opportunities provided by the music player that implements blockchain technology for transparent royalty distribution.
  • Music Token Sale
Launch your own Token Sale and receive funding from other Soundeon members for your projects.
  • Ticketing
Organize your concert by distributing tickets through Soundeon and directly receive revenues from primary and secondary ticket sales.
  • Copyright and Related Music Rights
Official government and time-stamped blockchain registration via the platform for maximum protection.
  • Licensing
License your music, integrating all key information onto the blockchain.
  • Royalty Exchange
Buy and sell all types of royalties on the decentralized Soundeon Exchange. Create your personal music portfolio.
  • Digital Distribution
Distribute and monetize your music on all major music services
  • Perfomance Rights Organizations
Collect and aggregate royalties from public performances ( radio, TV, live shows and etc. )
Token Details
  • Ethereum Based : ERC20
  • Total token supply : 1.0 Bilion ( no new token creation will be created )
  • Token not sold : will be burned
  • Exchange rate : 0.056923 USD
  • Softcap : 52.7 million token
  • Hardcap : 650 million tokens
Token Utility 
  • Bootstrap network efects
  • Trade artists’ coins
  • IP shared ownership
  • Platform services prepayment
  • Fair-play guarantee
Token Distribution
Budget allocation
Vadim Kurochkin – CEO
Entrepreneur glows. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Hedge Fund Zilliard Capital. Successfully launched several projects in various industries, including technology and financial space. Have good experience in private equity investments in initial startup and portfolio management for institutional and bank clients.
Vladimir Avdeev – CVO
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Zilliard Capital. Responsible for strategic development of the company and for the development of hedge funds and financial engineering strategies. Previously Vladimir worked with the legendary Bolshoi Theater, dedicating much of his life to the promotion and popularization of Russian art throughout the world.
Alan Sorensen
Alan Sorensen is Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin and Associate Researcher at the National Bureau of Economic Research ( NBER ). Previously, Alan was an Associate Professor at Stanford University where he began publishing a leading research article on behavioral economics. His colleague “Resale and Rent-Seeking: An Application to Ticket Markets” (with Phillip Leslie, 2014) remains the most quoted article on the subject and used by governments in policy making around the world; including Waterson UK’s review of consumer protection against ticket resale. Alan holds a Ph.D. from MIT.
Ruslan Guseynov – Strategy and Development
Experienced in both multilateral development agencies and private companies, Ruslan’s expertise lies in strategic planning, structured financial investment management, and development finance. In recent years, Ruslan has helped manage credit-investment at EBRD and consulted with the United Nations on the evaluation of financial architecture.
Aram Abgaryan – Business Development
Co-founder and Managing Partner of “Fourpicapital”. Aram has more than 7 years experience in consulting, investment banking, and asset management. Participate in a number of equity landmark deals in Eastern Europe ( i..e TCS Holding ( Tinkoff Bank ) IPO, IPO Megaphones, Moscow Exchange IPO, etc. ). Aram has profound expertise in creating trading infrastructure and providing financial consulting services to institutional and (U) HNWI clients.
Hayk Ayrapetyan
Hayk Ayrapetyan is co-founder and CEO of GeekBrains, an educational platform for programmers, offering over 50 online courses in IT and design. Before successfully selling the company to Group, Russia’s second largest IT conglomerate ( VK, ICQ ), Hayk launched the largest online education portal for programmers. A leading programmer himself, Hayk understands the obstacles faced by programmers and startups.
Anna Tolstochenko – Head of Marketing
10+ years in digital marketing, Head of marketing in several international companies. Previous: Groupon, Fastlane Ventures.
Team Guseynov – Creative Consultant
Tim Guseynov is a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles, California. Before turning to film production, Tim began his career as a photojournalist, working for news outlets and magazines in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, he works at Angry Films, a Hollywood production company known for films like Real Steel, Natural Born Killers and Transformers franchise.
David Drake
David Drake is Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, a multi-family office based in New York; LDJ Capital retains ownership in Victoria Partners, a network of 300+ family offices headquartered in London. Recently, Mr. Drake is also seen as the leader of thought in cryptocurrency and is often cited by new outlets, including WSJ and Bloomberg. Crypto traders and hedge funds globally rely on Mr. Drake’s opinion. Forecasting value in a crypto asset, Mr. Drake became an early market advocate. In 2011, Mr. Drake collaborated in the JOBS Act to draft a new law underpinning all US fundraising for all ICOs. His hedge fund holds crypto, ICO and fintech equity as seed investments. A Swedish native, Mr. Drake is fluent in six languages and holds an MBA and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University.
Alina Shaposhnikova – Art director
Alina is responsible for Soundeon’s creative graphic design. Over the last 5 years, he has focused on UX and UI projects for brands such as Johnson and Johnson, MTS, and others.
Anton Abduhamidov
Anton Abduhamidov is responsible for developing a new business business at Yandex, the largest IT company in Russia and the fifth largest search engine in the world. Prior to that, Anton spent six years at Troika Dialog and Sberbank CIB, where he participated in an M & A, IPO, and restructuring deal worth $ 4.35 billion. Anton earned his M.Sc. and B.Sc. at the College of Economics, Moscow.
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