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About SoundEon

Soundeon is a decentralized music and multimedia platform based on blockades, built on the Soundeon ecosystem – a protocol for modern media. The company Soundeon is a consortium of experts on the block chain, artists, software developers, intellectual property professionals and media executives who are already scouring the business as usual in the media industry. Soundeon primarily addresses the challenges facing the performing arts industry with radical transparency, fair property rights management, enhanced financing mechanisms for artists and ticket sales for fairs.

We help artists to regain control over their creations, monetize their talent and other fans more and more closely with their artists. Since the music industry is struggling to solve problems related to digital rights management for music and in real time, Soundeon is a step-by-step approach to use.

In essence, new technologies in the field of block computing, such as self-executing intellectual contracts and an immutable book, allow Soundeon to create a functional, stable, safe and adaptive environment for solving practical problems in digital media and tickets. The platform covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creation and copyright of contractual resale of both existing and future musical assets, to concert organization and ticket sales.

Soundeon uses a multidisciplinary approach to eliminating non-standard and archaic market practices, both online and online

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Mission of Soundeon

The mission of Soundeon is to discover the power of the artist and artist. So.

Soundeon Vision

The vision of Soundeon is the creation of the best musical entertainment, providing transparency and innovation in the music industry. Success depends only on the achievements of musicians, and the creators of music can also be more focused in creating their music


Blocking streaming player

Discover new opportunities provided by a music player that implements blockchain technology for transparent distribution of royalties.

Sale of music tokens

Launch your own token sales and get funding from other Soundeon members for your projects.

ticket sales

Organize your concert by giving out tickets through Soundeon and getting direct income from primary and secondary ticket sales.

Copyright and related rights to music

Official government and automatic locking using a platform for maximum protection.


Licensing your music by integrating all the key information into the block chain.

Currency exchange

Buy and sell all kinds of royalties on the decentralized Soundeon Exchange. Create your own music portfolio.

Digital distribution

Distribute and monetize your music in all major music services

Human Rights Organizations

Collect and collect royalties from public appearances (radio, television, concerts, etc.)

problems and Solutions.

The music industry is difficult to navigate, which makes it inaccessible to most musicians. They should seek recognition from music producers, managers, record companies and promoters of concerts, which only partially meet the artist’s needs.

The old ways to lose one’s tastes in a changing world and in the music industry also need new solutions. One that can guarantee equal opportunities for all.

Soundeon is a vertically integrated and integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From creations and copyright works to resell existing and future contracts for music assets, concert organizations and ticket sales.

Progress in block computing allows us to develop Creative Smart Contracts (CSC) ™, an independent agreement on the rights to self-service, which is the foundation of our platform. Symmetry of information, conservation and dexterity of easy use CSC ™ significantly increases fairness, transparency and trust, which are not in the media industry.

Soundeon Technology

Using very proprietary technology, the soundeon protocol can solve problems that did not exist before, and the following levels of the soundeon platform:

Sale of music tokens

Expand the possibilities of artists to fund their creative vision through their fan thanks to the sale of the Creative Creative Contract token. Supporters become interested parties involved in the success story of the artist.

Soundeon Exchange

Decentralized Tokenisation and IP exchange, where it can generate a portfolio of revenues with diversification.

Soundeon Monitor

A data collector for royalty and analysts based on Blockchain, which allows artists and enthusiasts to track revenues from all royalties and other revenue streams, including ticket revenues.

Soundeon Player

A music streamer that uses a decentralized book for a perpetual and transparent mechanism for collecting royalties, as well as a loyalty mechanism targeted at fans.

Soundeon Tix

The smart ticket platform Soundeon uses dynamic QR codes and Creative Intelligent Contracts to eliminate scalping, fraud and provide an opportunity for organizers to monitor both the primary and secondary ticket markets. Integrated naturally into the Soundeon environment and the fidelity mechanism

Soundeon Monitor

A tool to collect royalty data from sound engineers and third-party vendors. Having good analytical data, not to mention that they are already integrated with all aspects of artists such as copyright, royalty collection and ticket sales


The software for symbolic sales is $ 3 million, and our hard volume is $ 7 million. This means that if this minimum threshold is not reached, the funds will be returned to depositors. In addition, if the commercialization phase of the project is not achieved, the road map needs to be adjusted. According to white paper, this should ensure the durability of the platform and the current-resistance.

Inactive tokens will be blocked for one year. This will be done to ensure the commitment of the Soundeon team to the longevity of the media. After this lockout period, the tokens will be used for the global marketing campaign of Soundeon.

Token details

Ethereum Основано: ERC20

Total chips: 1.0 Bilion (without creating tokens)

The current is not sold: it will be burnt

Exchange rate: 0.056923 USD

Softcap: 52.7 million tokens

Hardcap: 650 million pieces

Useful token

Bootstrap network effects

Solemn works

Common IP properties

Prepayment platform

Guarantee of fair play


According to white paper, 65% of the chips sold at the event will be used for the development and operation of the product. It will also be used to expand global marketing. The founders of the project should have a 14 percent token.

The project’s visionaries, those who authorize this activity, should receive 4% of the tokens. However, on the contrary, it will happen in 12 months. Six percent of the chips will be conducted by ambassadors and advisers. These are people who help the team in the industry expertise.

Bonus to the pool should receive a token of 3%, and 2% of the other – in the reserve fund. According to white paper, the remaining 6% will be used for philanthropic programs. It will be used in promoting art in disadvantaged communities.

Budget allocation

For more information about our ICO you can also visit our website below and I thank you:

Author ; Melati21

Profile link ;;u=1357963

Email address ;

ETH address ; 0x838d9F4750DFC63f9A75bdA335840C0A84aD3afc


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