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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new ventures. We have the greatest device on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a tremendous base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these activities is Soundeon, a decentralized music square and sight and sound stage based on the Soundeon biological system – a convention for present day media. Soundeon Company is a consortium of piece specialists, craftsmen, programming designers, protected innovation experts and media pioneers who make business in the media business.


As per the main economy of the music business, “Will Page”, the world’s music copyright will get a wage of $ 24.4 billion by 2015, which is $ 10 billion more than the regularly cited IFPI numbers, which to a great extent avoid pay from production and tunes . What’s more, coordinate tickets in 2017 added up to $ 32.0 billion in essential deals and $ 9.8 billion in resale. The two portions of tickets developed with a 5-year CAGR of 14 and 19 percent with deference. When all is said in done, chronicles of music and tickets speak to showcase chances of 66.2 billion dollars. USA.

Soundeon enables specialists to recover control of their work, adapt their abilities. Since the music business is attempting to settle issues identified with computerized rights administration for music and progressively, Soundeon is a well ordered way to deal with utilize.

Square advancements, for example, autonomous free contracts and perpetual figuring innovations, enable Soundeon to make a useful, steady, secure and versatile condition for taking care of viable issues in computerized media and tickets. This stage covers all parts of the music business. From manifestations and copyrights to resale existing and future contracts for music resources, show associations and ticket deals.

Soundeon utilizes a multidisciplinary way to deal with dispose of wasteful and old market hones that antagonistically influence specialists and fans.


View uncommon abilities and enable makers to acquire control for their work. The usage of the Soundeon mission was made conceivable regarding the advancement of another copyright administration arrangement in view of savvy contracts, which guarantees decency, straightforwardness and invariance of all tasks performed and gives a chance to nearer correspondence amongst craftsmen and fans.

Consolidating the whole experience of the music business into a total cycle arrangement that gives straightforwardness and improves into the music business. Formation of a biological community in which achievement relies upon the endeavors and ability of the maker, in which each craftsman can completely center around innovativeness.

Arrangements and issues

The music business is difficult to explore, which makes it out of reach to generally performers. They should look for acknowledgment from music makers, administrators, record marks, and show promoters who just in part answer the requirements of the craftsman.

The old methods for losing their taste in a changing world and the music business require new arrangements too. The kind that can ensure square with open door for all.

Soundeon – a decentralized and vertically incorporated music stage that covers all parts of the music business. From manifestations and copyrights attempts to exchange contracts of both existing and future music resources, to show associations and ticket deals.

Advance in blockchain processing empowers us to create Creative Smart Contracts (CSC) ™, an autonomous media self-execution rights understanding that is the spine for our stage. Data symmetry, protection and deftness from the simple utilization of CSC ™ basically upgrades decency, straightforwardness and trust, which the media business does not have.



This is a Blockchain based ticketing arrangement that is improved for the fans and is implanted on the Soundeon condition. Essential measures, for example, dynamic QR codes and Creative Smart Contracts have been taken to forestall ticket scalping and misrepresentation. Soundeon Tix was made to empower coordinators take finish control of ticket exchanges on the essential and auxiliary market.


This is about the information. It incorporates sovereignty information collection shape Soundeon and other outsider suppliers. There is additionally a coordinated information investigation that shows all part of inventive contribution by the craftsman, for example, eminence accumulation, copyright, ticket deals.

All things considered, fans will have the capacity to track and investigate the eminence aggregation of their music portfolio. This precise data will make it workable for them to settle on educated choices when acquiring other melodic resources.


This is a music player that relies upon Blockchain innovation for a straightforward eminence dispersion. Craftsmen that are utilizing the Soundeon Monitor will have the choice of conveying their work by means of this music player.

The player is relied upon to gather information, which is entered onto an approved decentralized registry, on the circumstances a track is played. Therefore, Soundeon individuals are relied upon to get a reasonable eminence dispersion and an exceedingly exact audience examination.


This is a tokenization apparatus and a decentralized trade of licensed innovation. This is the place clients should buy or offer their eminence wage. In this way, musicians, specialists and tight proprietors that utilization the Soundeon Monitor to enlist their manifestations will have the capacity to offer part or all future income of their work.

This makes it workable for autonomous specialists to rival the huge names. Likewise, it offers music fans the chance to make a broadened individual music eminence portfolio.


This is an utility token that was intended to adjust financial impetuses among clients of the stage. Soundeon token is relied upon to be utilized as a motivating force and reward for early adopters who contribute an incentive to the stage through system impacts.

A few employments of Soundeon token incorporate;

• As an utiliity prepayment instrument for administrations rendered on Soundeon

• Ensures a frictionless nature of tokenization

• It makes micropayment conceivable with low exchange cost

• Provides an incentive to the audience

• Functions as liquidity assistance component for the craftsman

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that other type of installment will be acknowledged on the Soundeon condition. This incorporate all significant cryptographic money and fiat cash.

Token Specification

The soft cap for the token sale is $3 million, while the hard cap us $7 million. This implies that, if this minimum cap is not reached, the funds will be returned to the contributors. Also, if the marketing phase of this project is not reached, the roadmap is expected to adjust. According to the whitepaper, this is to ensure platform longevity and tokenomic sustainability.

Any unsold token will be locked for a year. This measure will be taken to ensure the commitment of the Soundeon team towards the longevity of the media environment. After this lockdown period, the token will be used for the Soundeon global marketing campaign.

Token Distribution

65% of the tokens will be used for product development.

14% of the tokens will be given to the founders of the project.

4% of the tokens will be given to early supporters.

6% of the tokens will be given to councillors.

3% will be intended for the pool bounty.

2% reserve Fund.

6% of the tokens will be allocated to charitable programs.



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