We live in the world where the Internet and social networks have become an integral part of our daily life. According to research data,more than 70% of customers are searching for new goods and services in the Internet and these are social networks that have become the main source of business development.Social networks community numbers 3 billion users and world`s advertising budget is U. S.$77 billion and with each year this number is increasing.But now creating a smart advertising campaign and getting a long-waited client is a really big deal;advertisers spend 50% of their advertising budget for paying VAT, covering bank charges as well as for covering expenses of paying for marketing managers` job and don`t cover all their expenses in all cases.Besides that, there are issues related to high competition,incompetent advertising campaign adjustment and ad-blocking software programs as well.

According to the leading economy of the music industry, “Will Page”, the world’s music copyright will receive an income of $ 24.4 billion by 2015, which is $ 10 billion more than the often quoted IFPI numbers, which largely exclude income from publication and songs . In addition, direct tickets in 2017 amounted to $ 32.0 billion in primary sales and $ 9.8 billion in resale. Both segments of tickets grew with a 5-year CAGR of 14 and 19 percent with respect. In general, recordings of music and tickets represent market opportunities of 66.2 billion dollars. USA.


This is a utility token that was designed to align economic incentives among users of the platform. Soundeon token is expected to be used as an incentive and reward for early adopters who contribute value to the platform through network effects.

Some uses of Soundeon token include;

• As a utiliity prepayment mechanism for services rendered on Soundeon

• Ensures a frictionless nature of tokenization

• It makes micropayment possible with low transaction cost

• Provides value to the listener

• Functions as liquidity facilitation mechanism for the artist

Please note that other form of payment will be accepted on the Soundeon environment. This include all major cryptocurrency and fiat currency.


The soft cap for the token sale is $3 million, while the hard cap us $7 million. This implies that, if this minimum cap is not reached, the funds will be returned to the contributors. Also, if the marketing phase of this project is not reached, the roadmap is expected to adjust. According to the whitepaper, this is to ensure platform longevity and tokenomic sustainability.

Any unsold token will be locked for a year. This measure will be taken to ensure the commitment of the Soundeon team towards the longevity of the media environment. After this lockdown period, the token will be used for the Soundeon global marketing campaign.


According to the whitepaper, 65 percent of the tokens sold during the event will be used for product developments and operations. It will also be used for a global marketing expansion. The project founders are expected to hold 14 percent of the tokens.

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