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SoyCoin ICO Review

 A decentralized solution for industrial production of soy products

The SoyCoin project is a decentralized system that includes blockchain and consists of several intellectual contracts around the blockchain and own crypto currency for raw materials at the SoyCoin plant    as a product for retail stores.
This platform is a system product created by the most powerful, competent and experienced consortium of companies and logistics organizations around the world. And also blockchain and smart contracts serve as a way to advance into the industrial revolution, creating economic scale and aggregate supply potential. Decentralized food production in factories makes industry more accessible, safe and economically viable for more participants in the food exchange ecosystem.
Food technology and food science metamorphose from one level to another, thanks to increased science and technology combined with the emergence of modernization in almost every layer. In the current era of ongoing intensification in the food industry, research has shown comparatively that food producers and supply chain partners today face countless challenges stemming from global competition and more. As a platform built on Blockchain technology, this platform will be driven by the SoyCoin token functionality.
Objective: Platform developers recognize that small producers around the world need a place for additional development and product entry into the international market, which until now seems inappropriate. Currently, scale opportunities for vendors and small-scale producers are controlled by various access restrictions, and here the SoyCoin solution enables them to liberate their true perspectives and create a better world where so much depends on food.
How to solve this problem:
First; creating a fair public ecosystem where buyers can find companies that can process precision quantity products on demand and attract excited participants to improve efficiency in the supply chain, using factories, artificial intelligence. The SoyCoin project will build the first production plant, which will include the latest high-tech and industrial equipment to process soy for consumption.
Processed soybean oil 2. Eating soybean meal
3. Low-fat soybean meal 4. Soy
5. Soybean isolate
6. Natural soybean LITitin
7. Cattle feed protein
8. Biogas
In addition, in the food industry, products such as concentrates and soy protein isolates are essential. They are used in the production of meat and sausage products, baby food and food for athletes, cosmonauts, as well as for the production of mayonnaise, ice cream and dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese). Soybean flour is used in bakery, confectionery, as a partial substitute (sugar, egg powder, milk powder and condensed, brown powder, etc.) Soy Concentrate is used instead of meat by making sausage, etc.
Benefits of soy milk:
  • Production of industrial without waste based on environmentally friendly technology.
  • An independent network of industrial mountain farms with almost free electricity costs.
  • Broader development and application in everyday life.
  • Development and application of green energy and energy in industry.
  • Development does not depend on the cryptothermine industry infrastructure.
  • Development and use of blockchain technology in the real sector.
  • Production of pure organic production without GMO content. The largest enterprise network in various industries.
  • Creation of thousands of new jobs. Development of related industries.
Conclusion: SoyCoin will be the first to offer this product in Kazakhstan and CIS region. This is the first ecosystem that is generally accessible for food production. Decentralized production platforms where token holders can interact with each other to run projects and gain details, pay for services and receive them, build trust among community users.
Company ASSAR Group, founder of the project, is preparing Crowdsale. Soycoin is a stable motif for the future in the blockchain community, SoyCoin (SYC) is a combination of crypto currency, real green technology and industry. By using this technology, we will make one of the most stable coins due to the completed asset, combining with Bancor will ensure a stable economy in the future. This technology company will bring invaluable benefits to all communities, the crypto currency industry provides an even deeper opportunity to use crypto currency funds in everyday life.
Token Symbol:
Total SYC Token: 325,000,000 Million
Type: ERC 20
Price: 1 SYC = 1 USD
Presale: 2,000,000 Million (0.6%)
Note: 0.5 USD per token
Crowdsale: 258,000,000 tokens (79 , 4%)
Price from: 0,55 USD to 1 USD
Team: 55 250 000 tokens (17%)
Bounty: 4,875,000 tokens (1.5%)
Counsel: 4,875,000 tokens (1.5%)
Total: 325,000,000 tokens (100%)

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