Soycoin is future “stablecoin” in a blockchain community. SoyCoin (SYC) is the combination of cryptocurrency, green technology, and the real industry. And merging with the Bancor company will give stable economic development future crypto -economy.The association of these technologies will bring invaluable benefits to all communities. The cryptocurrency industry provides the chance of deeper application of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life. SoyCoin is the first to offer green technology solution using soybean to fuel a network of mining farms independent of the centralized power supply system.

Advantages And Benefits Of The Soycoin Project:

· Waste-free industrial production on the basis of green technology.

· Independent network of industrial Mining Farms with almost free electricity cost.

· Development and broader application of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

· Development and application of green energy and power in the industry.

· Development not dependent onthe infrastructure of the cryptocurrencies industry.

· Development and use of blockchain technology in the real industry.

· Production of net organic production without the maintenance of GMO.

· The largest network of the enterprises in various industries.

· Creation of thousands of new jobs.

· Development of allied industries.

The ASSAR Group company, the founder of the project is preparing a Crowdsale. The raised funds are planned to be used for the construction of a network of production plants which will be operating with the combination of green and blockchain technologies. The Mining Farms will not require the electric grid, for the electricity will be fully provided by green energy resources. Clients will be able to buy products from the company using SoyCoin (SYC) token


The SoyCoin project team consists of chemists, technologists, engineers, managers, economists with experience in industrial and financial branch. Organizers of the project have practical experience of work in the sphere ofprocessing and realization of soy products. Managers of the company have experience cooperation with the industrial, construction, design companies, experience in foreign economic activity in export.For implementation of the best and modern project technologies, those companies will be involved.

The ASSAR Group will continue to select the team of experts and professionals to lead, manage, and ensure the efficiency and success of the project worldwide.

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