What is SP8DE?

Sp8de is a protocol for a decentralized blockbuster-based platform with many features needed for the growing blockchain gambling industry and its robust adoption is not present in existing projects in this space.

Chance game is a game with risk; The fact is the risks … and, of course, the reward. However, everything is said. In fact, this is just an abstract concept and a lack of mathematical substance. This is just an artifact of ancient man-made games built around a concept that is at least as old as the universe itself. This concept is commonly called chaos or randomness: the absence of a pattern or combination that can be understood.

Still sounds abstract. Therefore, when applied to the game, randomness is a basic concept: it is a process that can not be manipulated, and regularly gives a series of countless numbers that determine who wins and who loses. This is basically a really refreshing number. The process of generating these numbers is not possible:

A. Managed by any evil party,
b. Recognized with great likelihood, taking into account the input of available information before scrolling, or
c. Supervised by someone before others … at least theoretically,
d. Also of course need to be repeated.

A canonical example of an artificial mechanism that, if enough, is sufficient to meet this important quality, is a roulette commonly used in almost all casinos worldwide. Thus, playback of roulette wheels through our 4 prerequisites to create a random number that can be applied to the casino:

A. This wheel produces automatic updates (which means recursive generation of new numbers – over time) a set of numbers – the number and color of the winning pockets for several periods,
b. Rolling manipulation is not permitted under good wheel conditions,
c. Many people are apt to mathematics in human history, developing and using sophisticated methods to “guess” (more like “predicting the outcome of a particular game with statistically significant and, more importantly, interesting economic probabilities”) the results of various casino games, including roulette) provides a set of inputs: little if they ever work;
e. Of course, this is repeated: each steering wheel by the dealer represents a new iteration, which generates a number of randomly selected values.


With this opportunity, we invite you to expand this Platform to embrace the wider community. We will issue a token called “SPX Token”, along with its data.

• Name –
• Total supply – 8,888,888,888
• Token sale – 3,655,555,558.4 (41.125%)
• a jackpot to those who have participated in the “token sale” rounds – 3,455,555,552 (38.875%)
• Marketing – 1,777,777,778 (20%)
• Soft cap – US $ 4,000,000 (four million) i
• Hard cap – 49,033 ETH.




WEB: https://sp8de.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://sp8de.com/sp8de_white_paper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/B-YJaQ_ULpPKAzPHFPUa-Q

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ SP8DE_Official


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