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Sp8de is a blockchain-based platform for developing distributed gaming applications. As a platform for gaming apps with self-esteem, we are equipped with a protocol to generate unbiased randomness. As a team with some aspirations, we can prove it fairly and truly decentralized. We feel it is important to realize the spirit of the business we live in: if blockchain is the source of universal and undeniable truth then it must also be a broadcast channel for randomness. We think that one point of failure must be felt by anyone just as a funny relic of the past.

And yes, our Proof-Of-Stake (POS) is efficient in terms of cost and same time. Spade is built on Ouroboros, the most advanced POS protocol underlying Cardano blockchain. A cradle of an academic approach to blockchain technology, Cardano is a progressive beam that shines forward toward a distributed future of applications.


In the European Union, the online gambling industry grew by almost 19% from the first half of 2015 to the first half of 2016. The casino industry in particular generated revenues of US $ 2 billion during this period. It is expected that by 2020 this amount will reach US $ 2.25 billion per year representing about 12.5% ​​of growth revenue. In the US for the period 2015 through 2016, online casino revenues increased by 24.4% and are expected to reach US $ 4 billion by 2020. The EU and the US are only a fraction of the casino industry worldwide.

Globally, online casino projections show that for the period 2017-2025 the market will experience spectacular growth of around 130% reaching a phenomenal US $ 97 billion with a cumulative annual growth rate of almost 11%. Currently more than 6 million adults formally participate in worldwide gambling activities with projected up to 10 million by 2020. We further believe that as the advancement of blockchain technology, and spread for the first time in an unbiased history of demonstrable friendliness, these numbers will be a small estimate of proven reality. By removing the various frictions of the gaming market, Spade is set to release the hidden monetary advantage in it. We will not take a cut from it. We are determined to create a friction market for gaming ideas: previously left to casinos and other intermediaries, now going to the community.

The canonical example of manmade mechanism which is commonly used in almost all casinos worldwide. Thus, roulette wheel screening through our 4 prerequisites for random number generating mechanisms that can be applied to a casino:
a. This wheel produces self-refreshing (meaning recursively generating new numbers – from time to time) a collection of numbers – the number and color of the winning pockets for several periods,
b. Manipulating rolling wheel results is not possible assuming a good wheel,
c. Many individuals who tend to be mathematical about the history of mankind develop and use complex methods aimed at ‘guessing’ (more like ‘predicting the outcome of certain games with statistically significant and, more importantly, interesting economic probabilities’) the results of various casinos games including roulette) is given a set of inputs: little if any ever works;
d. Of course, this is repeatable: each wheel rotation by the dealer is a new iteration that generates a series of randomly selected values.
 So, not just the concept of ‘fair wheel’ is very abstract and has little value applied. On top of this, you really have to assume that final point to arrive at a ‘good’ random number generating process that can be used in a casino.
So what’s the problem with this? Why is this one different from the others? What roulette wheel should be adapted to the definition of ‘fair wheel’ and what is this definition? Here is some of the issues we will discuss in the “SP8DE: contemporary casino design – from the beginning days of mankind to the era of rebellion”. We will also show how the ‘fair-wheel’ issue becomes one of the main unsolved issues in online gambling industry and how it is solved in half. This will prepare ground for the introduction of modular blockchain technology into discussions.

There are many and varied gambling or gambling gambling projects, but we think only a handful deserves public attention and even fewer approach the three basic issues we discussed earlier. In short, it’s enough to say that, unlike Spade none of them, it has been proven to be thorough and rigorous to get a complete and comprehensive solution to all three major issues. For those who are interested in the details, a full whitepaper presents a more in-depth project analysis.

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